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Small Bumps

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I have these small a$$hole bumps on my forehead.

They have been there for weeks!

A few pimples have come and gone and they are still here!

What are they? How can I get rid/prvent them?

A warm thanks to anyone who replies!

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do u gel your hair?

if u do, it might be the gel...

stupid thermaslik gel gives me so much bumps!

i rather use cheap ones

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Just a wildshot, but if you have longish hair that droops onto your forehead try keeping it from touching your skin somehow. See if that doesn't help

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No, my hair rarely every touches my forehead, it is kind of afro-like so it stays more erect.

It only touches when my hair gets wet.

Thanks for the input tho.

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i also have the smallish bumps a little on my forehead but most are concentrated around both sides of my mouth. I've been told they're most likely clogged pores as well but how do I go about getting rid of them, stuff like SA and BP have really done nothing and they just slowly keep getting worse, any know of anything? thanks.

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I don't know exactly what they are, but I have them also.

If they really are clogged pores, some glycolic acid will get rid of them, just expect to get a breakout in that area before it clears up.

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