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Night application, washes off in the morning??

I'm not sure what "dry" BP feels like. It's kinda smooth, like you can't feel the ridges in the skin, and nothing comes off on your fingers. I apply Garnier Soft Moistrizer. In the morning I go and splosh my face with some water, the skin feels kinda slippery with a substance. Is that the moistrizer or cream? Also, on the Benzagel 5% [is that good for the regimen?] it said to leave it on for an hour so it gets properly absorbed. Should I leave it on that long before applying moistrizer?

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I'm not sure about the Benzagel BP in particular, but it is a 5% and thus potentially too irritating for the regimen. Some people have great results with 5% BP, but it's not an ideal product. I don't know about this hour business, but I would probably just follow Dan's recommendations for how to apply it and just wait 15 minutes before moisturizing, not an hour. Even a lot of prescription topicals don't tell you how to effectively use them, and you're probably better off following Dan's directions for applying BP that Benzagel's (unless there's something else medicated in Benzagel besides BP). That slippery feeling your skin has when you splash water on it is the moisturizer, I know exactly what you're describing. You really do want to rinse all that off pretty well before you reapply BP in the morning, if you're using it twice a day. If you're not using it twice a day you still probably ought to wash your face and reapply the moisturizer just to take care of your skin, especially with something as drying as a 5% BP.

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