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Has it been six months yet?

Finally after a couple months of hasseling with Ipledge I got my first accutane prescription- well okay it's amnesteem.

Just popped the pill so I thought I'd start up a log.

My acne right now- the worst it's ever been.

To think I used to be one of those people who could get clear on antibiotics alone...

Until college that is.

Now I'd say my acne is in the moderate range.

It physically hurts in some areas.

I hope this works so I can get on with my life.

It affects my self esteem terribly.

I can't make eye contact with people sometimes because of it- I'm afraid they're staring at it!

I just want to be normal again. *I swear I won't take it for granted!*

My derm right now can be described as a QUACK in short.

He loves to spray my face with this canister thing- (I believe it's C02 of some sort... it's cold...)

That only inflames my face and makes it sore for a few hours.

He seems to think that accutane with have a positive effect in the time span of two weeks.

However, I am much less optimistic- and I read everyone else's accutane logs!

I'm starting out on 40mg and moving up to 80mg next month.

I'm currently using Tazorac (my quack derm prescribed it about three days ago) but I am going to stop... because as far as I know it shouldn't be used with accutane...

Oh yeah, I'm a 20 year old female- junior in college.

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hey! just wanted to wish you good luck with your treatment. hope everything goes smoothly!

also could I suggest that you get a new derm? he doesn't sound like he knows what hes doing...you should be careful especially considering how strong accutane is.

K :)

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Hey Girl! I am going to be starting at 40mg too at the end of this week! Your derm sounds crazy yea but whatever just use him to get the medication and us for advice :lol: I know its going to be a rough couple of months... but we will get thru it together... i have already started a log so if you want you can take a look.. you will see we are pretty similar :cool: I know how you feel about not wanting to look people in the eye or be around them.. i have like a phobia of people haha... and i actually like to look people in the eye because then they dont get a chance to sneak a look at my acne.. (that would be rude of them right? lol) Anyways GOOD LUCK and dont worry we will have our lives back very very soon!!! :dance:

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I'm just a year behind you in age and school. Aren't you so glad we're taking accutane now instead of waiting 10 years like some people do? (No offense Karen or P&W :wub:)

Anyway, after 3 full months on accutane, this is the best advice I can come up with and I try to post it in newbies' journals so you don't have to go looking!

What I have learned:

-Never go ANYWHERE without chapstick! Ever...ever...ever...ever. It SUCKS. I recommend anything from Bath & Body Works or Burt's Bees because they all taste yummy, aren't super shiny, and have awesome staying power!

-Wash with a very gentle cleanser - time duration: just long enough to lather your face and rinse off. ~10-15 seconds!

-Oil of Olay Complete with SPF is a great moisturizer - not greasy, and has sunscreen - your skin gets extremely thin and sensitive while on accutane! Don't skimp on SPF!

-Baby yourself on accutane - get lots of sleep, drink lots of fluids, eat food that is good for you. Treat yourself like you have the flu for 6 months! Your body is under a lot of stress.

-Always take accutane with a fatty meal - it is a vitamin A derivative which is fat-soluble, and it absorbs into the body much more efficiently when it has fat to bind to. (BUT don't take it to the extreme because you don't want to come out 15 lbs. heavier!) Recommendations - olive oil, nuts, and dairy products!

-The Olay in-shower moisturizer is GOLD because you don't have to wait to put on your clothes since it rinses off.

-Don't exfoliate any part of your body more than once every week or two. Your skin can't handle the microabrasions.

-Keep lots of bandaids - your skin is going to crack, peel, tear, and otherwise become damaged extremely easily!

-Keep a photo journal if nothing else, even though it can be painful to look at the pictures - you won't believe how far you have come.

-Be aware that you might get an initial breakout. Most derms won't tell you this because it is disheartening to think your skin will get worse before it gets better. (It will likely get oilier before it gets drier also!) BUT ... it will be all over with in just 2-3 weeks!

-Don't expect to be clear in a week, or even a month. Accutane takes TIME to work.

-Don't add too much to your regimen - if you let it, accutane will do its job!

All these warnings and advice come with the thought that Accutane is the best thing I ever did for myself!

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Day Two

Not sure why I'm posting... no side effects yet.

My skin is being peely weird, but I blame the tazorac that I used for like three days.

Argghh, I have a job interview Thursday.

Not sure what to do about my face... maybe a paper bag :redface:

I did just buy Revlon Color Stay, but my boyfriend told me it made me look like a corpse.

Lovely, ey?

Maybe I just applied it too heavily.

I don't know.

I'm going to practice tonight.

I don't really like wearing makeup.

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Haha I LOVE makeup.. I just don't love face makeup that you have to put on to cover up zits! :doubt:

Good luck with the interview! Just smile and be yourself and BE CONFIDENT... and hopefully you will get the job! :)

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Day Three

Not much new here. I woke up with a dry face and lips though.

That was odd. The skin under my eyebrow hair is peeling, which is annoying.

A few new zits. Nothing major though.

I've been using aveeno redness relief cleanser and suprisingly I think that it does some good!

It does temporarily relieve some redness.

I've noticed that these meds make me want to fall asleep earlier than normal.

Yesterday I went to bed at 1am and woke up at 2pm!

I just hope I make it through until next Thursday when I come home from college.

Job interview in a few hours.

Four more exams. Three of which are on Monday. :shock:

TennesseeGrl - Thanks for the words of encouragement! I hope things get better for you too (grade wise that is). I've been having a few GPA problems myself- which is odd because in high school I never got below an A. I just checked to see what my grade was on my History essay exam- 65%. All I can say is- He's got to be kidding! :(

K_Angel- I would switch derms but I've pretty much been to every one in my area- they're all quacks. Sometimes his sons come into check me instead, which is good because they can actually speak English! Ha.

Jen121- How are you doing so far girl? Any symptoms yet?

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Day Six

Well its day six. I wonder if it is too early to experience an IB.

If not, that's whats happening to me...

Zits cropping up daily. Nothing major.

Dry lips.

The skin is dry sometimes and really oily others.

I keep getting zits around my mouth area (which I'm sure you all know is sensitive) and they hurt!

I think I'm getting tonsilitis or something.

One side of my neck/jaw hurts really badly.

I should go to the doctor soon but with my exam scheduele it's not really an option.

I have three tests tomorrow- all major of course.

Accounting, Economics, and Business Law.

I'm procrastinating studying right now.

It's the end of the year and I'm under so much stress from every aspect of my life. :boohoo:


It will be lightened after my tests tomorrow though, I believe.

I desperately need to find a decent chapstick. I don't want something that bloody goes on like vaseline for daytime use. Any suggestions??

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Day Seven

Argghhh the grease.

My face is quite red today.

But I'm really just avoiding mirrors.

It works quite well for denial!

I just found out I got the job I interviewed for last weekend!


I also got $140 for a couple of textbooks! :dance:

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Congrats on the job! :)...and the money!

I think I need new chapstick too. Mine's been completely absorbing into my lips within 15 minutes, and then I have to reapply...very annoying :doubt:

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Day 10

The face... well peeling in certain spots.

Like my nose.

I mean I could see the sides peeling, but honestly the top?

It's weird.

Nothing major though.

I may quite definately be going through a little loss of apetite, but don't worry I could stand to lose a few pounds. I just realized I only ate one meal today.

The lips are annoyingly dry as can be expected.

I lost my aquaphor... or left it at home when I came back from college or something.

I basically had an emotional break down today.

It wasn't pretty.

First I went totally ballistic.

Then all I could think about was the fact that I needed water.

Went to go get some from a local gas station.

Drank this new waterish drink Sobe has out then drank half a liter of Fiji water.

All in under 5 minutes mind you.

See I'm in my last week of college and I don't have a fridge therefore I don't have any water.

We can't drink water from the tap and water from the drinking fountain tastes nearly as rancid as drinking from the tap.

I'd woken up around 4pm (sad I know) and hadn't had any water since the day before.

After gulping these beverages I just broke down and started sobbing.

And feeling sorry for myself.

I have to take all these medications to try to make me look "normal" while they themselves just totally screw with my emotions making me act un- normal.

My poor boyfriend felt so bad about the whole incident that he agreed to go to the chinese buffet here- which he hates.

I'm not really sure if it was 1. Accutane 2. Dehydration 3. First month PMS thanks to Yasmin or 4. Being over stressed in general

I'm guessing it's the birth control. I had problems with Yasmin when I took it a few years ago. I guess I never really thought about it until I went to go take it again. Now that I've been on it for a month it's going to screw me up. Maybe I'll go to the doctor and see if they can switch me to ortho tri or something. Does anyone on accutane use seasonal or however you spell it?? You only get like four periods a year.

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Hey girly! Sorry about your break down! It happens to me quite often. I started yasmin exactly 2 months ago and i felt lik eyou do in the first month but now i think my body is getting used to the medication. As for a good lip balm... get dr. dans cortibalm.. its awesome! it dosnt smell not gooey not shiny and stays on for a loonng time. Its made esspecially for accutane users. Anyways you are actually a little ahead of me so GOOD LUCK and ill be checking your progress :D

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I remember how u wanted to get a hold of accutane. Congrats, and at the end of the course u will have wonderful skin to boost up your self-esteem !! :)

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BTW>>>>> dont go on seasonal! One of the side effects is acne and ummm yeah dont do it lol... i feel you on the finals for school.. i cant wait till the are over!!!! But it def takes my mind off of dreaded accutane and acne... have a good day! :cool:

Also i wanted to ask if you are on the actual accutane or a generic? If so which one?

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