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Vitamin A propionate

So I've been browsing around this website this past weekend ...

Better Healthy Skin (Vivant products)

.... mainly because I was curious about the Vivant Vitamin A line of products: Derm-A Gel, Exfol-A, and Exfol-A Forte.

I've had excellent results with Green Cream but am always interested in better alternatives, and this is supposed to be a particularly "clean" line of products. And of course Dr. Fulton's reputation makes them even more appealing (co-discoverer of Retin A, I believe).

But I can't really get a handle on Vitamin A propionate and how it compares in strength and effectiveness to retinol or retinaldehyde or other similar OTC medications. Or even to something like tretinoin.

Just wondered if anyone had any information to share???

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I looked on betterhealthyskin.com and found this article regarding the different types of Vitamin A. The article is a little biased towards the Vivant Skin Care product line that Dr. Fulton formulated. But it really does have a great deal of information.


Apparently, Vitamin A Propionate is smaller in size and can penetrate the skin better. All the way down to the dermis where other lotions can not penetrate. Therefore working better and I guess only Fulton's products have this type of Vitamin A.

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Thank you for posting the link! I did read that article before ... but it didn't really give me the answers I was looking for. I was hoping to find some clue as to how a certain concentration of Vitamin A propionate in a product might compare to the same concentration of retinol, retinaldehyde, and/or tretinoin. That, I haven't seen anywhere yet.

I do realize that the formulation of a product has a major effect on its effectiveness as well, so the info about the relative strength of each Vitamin A derivative would not be the final answer ... but it would be a start .....

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Hi Lionqueen

You could ask Dr. Fulton directly - send an email to [email protected] with your question directed to Dr Fulton and he might answer it for you. I've done several classes with him - he's a pretty cool guy.


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