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Nose Scar

I had a really nasty deep spot which became infected and took some time to clear on my nose well over 18 months ago now.

My problem now is although my acne is largely under control I still have this slightly raised soft skin scar in the middle of my nose as a result of this old spot. Normally this type if scar would eventually flatten, the skin would harden an the scar fade over time and there would be no further problem. I can live with a small scar if it stays clear.

My problem is being on my nose which is sometimes oily and very prone to blackheads these seem to form either in or under the scar. These get bigger or if left eventually build up into a small sebum filled spot and I then I end up taking the area of Scarred skin off again to remove the small blockage however carefully I remove the plug, aggravating the scar making it worse. I wish I could get a clear run so the scar would heal and settle properly but I cant seem to sort it being on my nose Ithat just dont seem to happen. I think the fact that the tiny fine hairs which you can see under bright light on my nose are beneath it may also be a possible problem as the dont seem to grow through the scar. This has been repeatedly bugging me every few weeks or so for over a year now. Any ideas how to finish this one once and for all?

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I have an oily nose but without blackheads. To control the oiliness, I put 10% benzyol peroxide on it at night. It also improves the appearance of the pores on my nose. I don't know if this would help with blackheads, but I've read on this forum that some folks suggest using salicylic acid for this.

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Mandelic acid is amazing for clogged pores and blackheads ... it's a gentle AHA and may also help the scar, although it isn't usually used for scar treatment.

I've posted extensively about mandelic in the blackheads forum ... check it out.

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