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Apo Cephalex ..

Hi All,

first I should mention that I have a bad case of acne.

here’s my story..

last summer, I crashed my bike and got a pretty nasty wound on my right leg, at the hospital / stitches and everytin the doctor gave me 2 weeks supply of Apo-Cephalex to PREVENT infection, after 7 days, my acne was 90% was gone, and by the end of 2 weeks I was 100% clear, I was clear until the end of summer, but then the school started and everytin got f* once again.

I went to a doctor, to get a prescription drug and he gave me mino , but it was causin me to vomit, also my face was getin worse durin the time I was takin it (9 days) , I went back to get sumtin else, he talked about accutane. I’m one of those ppl who dun like to take ANY kind of drug, so accutane was a lil too much for me, I got the prescription but didn buy the pills. meanwhile I asked him if Apo could actually help with acne, but he said, there’s no relation. So, I googled it, and this came up:

Cephalexin is an antibiotic that belongs to the family of medications known as cephalosporins. It is used to treat certain types of infections caused by bacteria. Cephalexin is most often used to treat infection of the skin, ear, bladder, bone, and sinus. Your doctor may choose to use a medication for conditions other than the ones listed in these drug information articles.

the link to SKIN leads to this explanation:


(Skin Infections • Erysipelas • Necrotizing Fasciitis)

The Facts

Cellulitis is a serious infection that spreads under the skin, affecting soft tissues such as the skin itself and the fat underneath it. Bacteria are the most common culprits, but very occasionally a fungus is responsible. Cellulitis is not contagious, but it can strike anyone with broken skin or damaged tissue. Cellulitis infections occur most commonly on the legs, arms, or face. Facial infections are found mostly in infants and seniors. In children, about one in 12 cases of facial cellulitis leads to meningitis.

From this explanantion, I think my doc was right, HOWEVER, i dun think I got clear for NO reason.

so lets review:

1. very high dose of apo cephalex

2. Tylenol 4 - 3x for the first 5 days .

3. 2 bottles of water everyday and a cookie. ( was tryin to avoid goin to NUMBER 2 as much as poss – and besides, I live alone, no mom/dad/sis/bros/gf to make me food)

4. no shower/shave (alex method .. Few statements below)

5. no naughty-ness / no gf at the time.

6. no comp / just tv and headphones

7. layin down most of the time, except every 3 days I had to go for a check up durin the first 2 weeks (and 2 times after that).

8. no school / no stress.

9. no gym / exercise / sweat

I personally believe Acne is 100% Diet AND Stress AND Exercise Related. even though I have some friends who LIVE at McDonalds/clubs/bars and have perfect skins (but they do have awesome bodies => lots of exercise).

I’m a relatively new member here, and I was browsin the diet/ lifestyle section and came to one intresting topic about not overwashing by AlexAlmighty or sumtin like that (the fight club fan), he basically says that If u dun wash ur self, then the body has to adjust by producing less oil. which In my opinion is a pretty interesting idea, since I honestly take showers at least 3 times a day+ wash my face with Ivory soap 3 times , [uNLESS im really busy] and I still look dirtier than the bums I hang out with.

this is one of the things im goin to try.

I must say, I’ve been eatin healthy since 2003, I used to drink 7-8 cans of coke on average with couple of big mac and whoppers … but I dunno if my acne is due to negligence of those years … or goin healthy ?!!! (it was MUCH MUCH better at hose times)

for the sake of science , I tried an experiment, for 20 days (19.5 actually) I only drank water and ate fruits . last 3 days ONLY WATER and 3 days before that ONLY apples (based on acne free in 3 days book- and partially wai’s diet ) I kept the diet even when I was hangin out with friends. , there was SOME result, not as much as I expected, so I conclude , even though healthy diet is definitely good in the long run, its duzn have THAT much effect on acne. I want healthy skin RIGHT NOW, not when im f***in 30 , life is NOW, not later on. :evil:

right now, my leg is back to normal, and I’ve started runnin around a track near where I live, im on day 2 right now, but I’ll keep it up for 21 days , to see what happens, one of the reasons I believe exercise helps is that, I honestly havn’t seen Any one at the gym with a trained body who has acne, now that I think about it, I haven’t seen ANYONE with acne at the gym where I have member ship. its only me, and one fat chick I saw once. ( I dun count my self as a person with a trained body [5"9 - 180lb]). maybe ppl with acne just hide themselves (Im not tryin to offend anyone, just want to see if it can be the case.. u might have acne and decent body .. dun start that discret math bs with me).

also, some ppl mentioned (alexes post) some of their friends got clear when they were in military school since they only had water to wash themselves (no chemicals). dun u think intense work out and exercise might have sumtin to do with it ??? (although im aware of the fact that Dan works out and still gets zits if he duzn use his regimen ) .. im just tryin to FIND THIS DAMN LINK. becasue i can't believe our ancestor chased around animals with zits on their faces.

i was readin in a book that, when we are stressed (its a kind of fear i think), our body breaks down sugars or sumtin (sorry im not a good reader) and makes us ready to run away or fight or wutever (heart starts beatin faster, to feed blood to the legs and hands faster). thats why we can't think clearly when we are stressed out ( less blood to the brain). BUT today, we can't just run away from the classroom when we feel like it so , the extra sugar never converts to energy or wutever the book said, and its bad in some ways).

one more thing, most of the people i know who are good with computers, have acne, NOW, my question is that, Is it because of the acne, that they make themselves busy with compuers and learn all those stuff, OR is it because they are spending too much time on computers that they have acne ??.

(remmber im not makin generalizations, im talkin about Cases - u might have acne but dun know S*** about comps[like me], and vise versa (in which case u'll never read this) )

and also , has any1 had similar experince with apo ??

on and , proactive worked for me (1 month). havnt tried Dans regimens yet, hate smell of bp and doin all that work.

The main reason dun like takin accutane is because one of my budds cousins, took 2 courses of accutane , and he is 100% clear, but his hair is totally f* up, and i had seen him 1 and half year ago prior to this , and he had very good hair,. I've read one of the sides effects of tane is temporary hair tinnin or sumtin, but i just can't imagine losin my hair. do u guys/ gals think its rare to have sumtin like that happen ??? hows ur experience with it ??? ( hair related- i dun care about anytin else).

okay im getting kinda tired of reading/writin my messed up grammer and spellin so, please , if anyone knows wut im missin please remind me, so I can try it . thanks in advance.

p.s does any one know how I can get apo-cephalex without prescription (online or sumtin) ?? im willin to try it. (even though i hate drugs) .

and sorry about my english (Again..). :doh:

Note: i DO NOT HAVE ANY SCIENTIFIC facts or figures to back up wut i said, Its all MY own opinions about this matter. im just tryin to bring some pieces to this ugly puzzle.

Note2: i also realize that this post has contents that are unrelated to prescription acne medications, but I my main focus is Apo (which is not an acne medications .. at least not yet) but hey… im takin a SH*T in the dark hehe ..

\Bye for now and best of luck.

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Cephalexin (Keflex) is a good antibiotic for specific infections. I was first given Keflex after my appendectomy years ago. Like you, it was intended as a precaution to prevent infection as I had none but had just had major abdominal surgery. I've been given Keflex for bladder infection, and after having my first child (inection in mammory glands). I liked it because I didn't have the typical side effects from it and it seemed effective.

But certain antibiotics are used for certain infections while others are used for other infections. My doctors, for example, didn't entirely approve of giving cephalosporins for sinus infections and bronchitis, but I responded well on those without side effects, so they conceded.

But cephalospornis are not used to treat acne.

Unfortunately, just because a medication has a pleasing side benefit of clearing our acne temporarily, it does not mean it is a good medication for long term use. I had to be given Prednizone for a severe allergic reaction once -- an aggressive dose taken every 4 hours around the clock for a week -- and it cleared my skin up better anything in a long time. But, believe me, prednizone is not a medication you want to take long term unless you absolutely have to.


You may believe that acne is 100% diet, stess and exercise, but you'd be wrong. While those things do contribute to and affect acne, it is far more complicated than that for people with chronic severe acne.

Over simplifying the cause of acne is one of the reasons there is so much misinformation out there and so much bigotry regarding it.

A huge percentage of Acne is hormonally related -- you cannot control that with diet, exercise or relieving stress.

If it were as simple as diet, exercise and de-stressing, the rest of us would have been on that bandwagon years ago.

Believe me, real life with real acne is far more complicated than that.

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