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Scary Monster

Accutane Subforum?

Pretty please??? Within the prescription medication one. You wouldn't necessariy need to move stuf across just from now on. That or a non Accutane Sub Forum, looking at it I guess that side of life is the sub side.

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Accutane is a fat-soluble vitamin A derivative prescribed for moderate-severe (generally nodular and cystic) acne, or persisten acne. It is taken over the course of approximately 4-6 months, a cumulative dose of .5-1.5 mg Accutane/kg body weight. It keeps the sebaceous glands throughout your body from producing oil, therefore reducing sebum on your face. When your face does not produce sebum the pores cannot get clogged and the zits begin to go away. It is rather expensive and highly regulated with serious side effects, and a patient must be under the care of a specifically licensed Dermatologist to take the drug. You must have monthly blood tests to check lipids and cholesterol levels, and women cannot get pregnant on it because of the severe birth defects Accutane can cause. The best part of accutane is (theoretically) when you are done with the drug you are permanently rid of acne. There are several users on this site who have been plagued with acne even after 1 or 2 rounds of accutane.


If you have any questions you can PM me, I am currently on accutane :)

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I'm going to be blatantly honest here. Don't take Accutane. I have witnessed first hand what the drug can do. Some people are lucky and some can become quite ill.

My fiancee took it for a few months and all it did was make here Acne worse. I have written a blog post about Accutane here Medication for Acne if you want to know more.

I hope all goes well for you TennesseeGrl. Just watch anything that is taxing on your liver. My fiancee still has liver problems 2 years after taking it and we are on a purely organic diet. There is a reason why such an Accutane Lawyer exhists.

Sorry to scare anyone but I would never recommend such a drug to anyone. The natural way is always best.

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