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exercise and acne

i been kinda exercising by running around and stuff for past 2 days and my skin has really improved, i been eating junk drinking alcohol but my skin has still improved, and i didn't do anything yesterday and today im getting little spots. I dont know whether its coincedence or not but im exercising right now, granted its only running on the spot and i look silly but i hope it'll do the trick :D

has anyone else found exercise affects their skin? I read somewhere that although sweat can cause acne, it also cleans out your pores and is good for you if you wash your face before it dries and clogs up

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Dear Sir Doom Train,

I believe that exercise does help (as I have read somewhere around the forum) but if my belief is wrong, it does keep you fit and healthy.

I read on Wiki that pimples is not caused by dirt. So I'm thinking that sweat does not cause acne unless you start rubbing (irritating) the places you sweat (forehead for example). I used to do that, however, I have long since changed my ways.

To close I say, do pat dry your sweat and keep on moving my friend, it'll help you feel better about yourself too.

I bid you fare well in your exercise and quest to better you skin,

Yours sincerely,

Sir DonsBall

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I think it does help to some extent, when you pespire surely the sweat must push out some of the dirt and bacteria as it comes out from your pores? And think about it, how many famous athletes do you know with spots? :P

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