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Mandy Ann

I've been cheating

I've been on the regimen for a while now, and before that, I used proactiv for about 2 1/2 maybe even 3 years. Well, when I started the regimen, I added steps in RIGHT AWAY because I figured I could since my skin was used to BP from proactiv. But my skin is always non stop breaking out. The extra stuff in my regimen includes-

-tea tree oil. I put it on every single zit before I apply on-the-spot

-Clean and clear 10% BP... where I put in large globs over any zits

-neosporin. I put that on any zit too, unless the zit is drying up or really reaally small

Is that too many products? maybe that could be the reason of my non-stop breakouts..

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:hand::snooty: I would say you should just go back to the basics, as that is what has worked for most people and you often hear about the regimen not working so well when they start adding things in. Good luck- I hope it works out for you! :)

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yea, I agree with Janiet.

You are using too many things. And that just confuses the results.

We already know the Regimen does work with the Recommended products, but we don't know if it will work with all the stuff you have added.

Go back to the basics of the Regimen.

Gentle cleanser.

2.5% bp (not 10%)

oil-free moisturizer.

Do this for the first 3 months, then if you feel you need to add in other things, you can consider it at that time. But only add one thing at a time, so you will know what is helping and what is not.

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When I first started the regimen, I used tons of different things with it.

I used spotsticks, exfoliators, face masks, etc.

I don't recall my skin improving one bit, in fact, it probably got worse.

As soon as I just stuck EXACTLY to the regimen, I noticed really quick results. I look back and wish I'd have done it sooner. Please just try and stick to it, and maybe experiment later on when you are clear. I experiment now, and it's safe for me to exfoliate maybe once a month without any bad results. But I don't bother with anything else really.

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