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How to cover up post-op

I'm supposed to have laser treatment done soon (non ablative) but I have no one to take me to my appointment or pick me up, meaning I have to endure a 1 hour long ride on a crowded train plus a 15 minute walk by foot through a busy avenue all the way home. I'm worried about how red or inflammed I'm gonna be and I was wondering if anyone had any good devices in how to conceal yourself aside from makeup.

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bratz i would first of all advise you to rethink ANY laser (although fraxel seems to be getting some good reviews here..and poss n-lite)..

but regardless, in answer to your question ...first check that is OK to put on anything so soon after the treatment..if it is then the strongest camoflage makeup i used after co2(after two weeks of healing) to cover the worst of the redness was dermablend. Not sure which country you are in but im sure u can find it online. It is very heavy tho..and dont think its a good idea to put on so soon ..but if u are told its ok, and go through with the laser, then it will cover the redness..pls note tho..it requires blending, so may be too harsh for your skin and you will need to use the special cream to remove it.

Just be VERy sure you want to do this..and ask others advice.

Also, id just brave the train without anything if u can handle it..put on a baseball cap and/or some shades..im going for isolagen tomorrow and will look like i have been stung all over my face..but i cannot afford (well i cant justify such an expense to myself) a taxi the distance that i live from the hospital so im just going to bite the bullet and ignore ppls stares.

Good luck and take care.

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