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Anybody Get Clear Using Zinc?

It didn't work for me, been doing it for like 1,5 months and still taking some now and then because I have leftovers. I took like 50 or 75mg which is quite a lot already since 15mg is the Recommended Dose a Day (what do US people call it again?). And you already should get enough from eating healthy. I believe Zink is in pretty much everything.

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Well, I'm seriously not experiencing anything of that advantage either and haven't.

My guess is that vitamins and stuff like this can work for people because they really have been lacking the particular supplement or the group/combination of supplements.

What people tend to think is that the more vitamin the better, as if there is no maximum to positive effects of a drug. This is very wrong since it's just one key in your body's mechanism and if other puzzle pieces are lacking no other is going to make up for that.

One exception in the acné world might be the vitamin B5 overdosing but even with these pills it's strongly recommended that you take a supplement on top of your healthy food with all the remaining vitamin B's to balance it. That vitamin B5 is the exception by the way because its good is not fullfilling vitamin needs and getting your body/skin mechanisms into balance but actually to disturb with such high amounts so that your body is forced to produce less sebum.

It's good you brought that point up ItalHawk87. I wonder though how much of that fact is commercial zinc supplement suppliers talk and how much fact. In other words as stated above, is more better?

I don't know for sure myself but I'm rather pissed off with how many companies are telling you their products work for better health or hygiene which thus, according to them, should also work for your acne. In my opinion this is bullshit and totally irrelevant. Those guys are pretty clueless and have never had acne themselves.

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