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Another 40+ man starts Accutane!

Just read through some of the logs and would like to say a big thank you to all for documenting your experiences to date. I am in the wrinkly 40+ male group (41), and was delighted to find other people in the same boat as myself.

I've suffered from being a spotty herbert since I was mid teens, with mild facial acne throughout this period, an unsupportive doctor/derm and a dislike of going out too often when things were at their worst. For the last 5 or 6 years I've had cystic acne which hadn't really been a problem earlier in life, but has caused no end of hassle and psycological trauma since my mid-thirties. I've been prescribed minocyn and oxytetracycline for the last 4 years or so, and had been told this was as good as it got! Finally got an appointment with a Derm and learnt about Tane at the start of last year, was told my problem was not quite severe enough, because as luck would have it, my face cleared up the best it had in years - just in time for my appointment! Had a re-visit and was finally prescribed accutane, but told there was an EIGHT month waiting list for NHS treatment in my area(UK system is v Poor), or I could pay privately at an estimated £1000 ($1750) for the course.

Took the drastic step of visiting a private derm in Spain (as I can't afford £1000+ right now), a place I visit a few times a year, and he again prescibed a generic isotretinoin which I could buy privately for a fraction of the UK price. He's set me up with a starting dose of 30mg/day (I'm 6' 185lb, and not fat despite my name!) and I'm currently at DAY 7.

If anyone's read this far, I'd like to know if my reddish glow should really have started quite this early on this dosage? I'm currently Mr Flaky the flake from Flakesville, with dry skin everywhere, but other than that I'm extremely happy that at least I feel as if I'm heading in the right direction.

Sorry the post was so long, and thanks for reading

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