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Why does needling work??

Not sure i understand the logic of this method. Your skin is wounded by acne, so scar tissue forms... So you stick a needle in to wound it again... Why won't the skin won't just grow back scarred a second time?

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I've read before that the actual physical damage to skin is not what causes scar tissue with acne most of the time but it's the prolonged inflammation. When you do needling there is no infection and you don't prolong the healing process you heal rather quickly. So normal skin should grow back under the scar tissue you are growing back. This is the ideal case but there is still no guarantee.

I was just going to add that if your skin is not completely healed and there is still any inflammation don't needle as it could produce more scar tissue.

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The logic is really pretty simple. Acne scars are caused by very large cystic infections that eat away some of the soft tissue. They are substantial subcutaneous wounds, so of course they scar. Needling, on the other hand, produces hundreds of very small wounds that heal quite easily, without the prolonged inflammation, as the above poster said, producing new healthy tissue rather than the bound-down scar tissue. It also serves to break up the binding a bit, too, like subcision, which by itself can ease the indentation a bit.

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