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i'm pretty disappointed...a while back, i made a pretty good friend. so i felt he was a good friend and all. i spilled out all my feelings and etc. and he spilled all his feelings about his life to me. it was a great converstation between us. but i noticed after about week, he just started forgetting what we have said to each other and etc. i feel its pointless now to tell anyone anything thats worth something alot to me. hes a year younger, but i dont think that matters. although now i have made a commitment to change, he has not. he still lives his own little world. i will wait till he gets in a worser state of life he is in now, then he will crwal back to me for help. its just like until we suffer we realize, or until we loose everything we start to realize every little things. or should i say...should i have been wiser///

:shhh: Fruit.

oh yeah, happy 200 post fruit!

whoo hoo! throw some balloons at me.

dont just stand there.:(

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IPB Image on your 200 posts! I'm so sorry to be reading that your friend disappointed you. You'll find that in life few ppl will live up to your expectations. More often you'll be let down by those that surround you. The most important thing is that you're going through a change that you think will lead you to a better life and you don't need someone that's going through the same thing... you can do it by yourself! So... don't worry abt the guy... He'll come around .

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that kid sounds uber dumb, how old is he?

no worries, you'll find more friends, just keep searching

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