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Smoking, again . . .

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Obviously smoking cannot do anything to help your skin, but what I am looking for specifically are the results of people who have quit smoking. Did your skin improve a significant amount? I've never quit for more than a few months, which was not long enough to tell I guess.

(Please refrain from preaching . . . I know, I'm trying to quit.)

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I stopped for about 6months or so and it really made little improvement IMO keep on puffing :P. I think it has something to do with the chemicals within the cigarette smoke, hijacking the collagen proteins making it harder for the skin to repair itself, etc. (but i may be wrong)

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Yeah, what Raskit said makes sense. Thats probably why smoking ages your skin so much faster. Kinda sucks, b/c Im definitely not ready to quit yet, and as everyone knows you cant quit b/c someone tells you to, you have to do it when youre ready, or youll just start up again. Like my little sister (I guess I cant call my 22 year old sister "little" anymore, can I?) But when she quit, she wasnt quite ready the first few times, so it would last a week or so and she'd start smoking again, and not just bumming them, but buying them again. But bless her little heart, she finally won that battle! I guess its my turn next... but I must say that my motivation has nothing to do with clearing my acne, b/c Accutane is doing a damn good job at that (YAY for Accutane!), so it will be for other health reason when I finally do it!

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my bestfriend smokes a lot an has clear skin

i smoked a lil for 3-4years an had acne

however im cutting back now an sorta seeing a lil improvement

cud be down to vit c tablets + zinC

or healthier diet

or my BP regimen hehe

prob all of them combined

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Thank you for the responses. Reading that an improvement is likely definitely helps the motivation to quit.

One of you mentioned vitamins, and I have read that smoking can deplete the B vitamins in your body which help with skin and energy. Not sure if this is true or not.

Also, if I have a real late night where I smoke much more than I usually do, I notice the difference on my face in the morning. Lots of little bumps, both clogged pores and zits, appear. Perhaps the persistent smoking of lesser quantities has a similar, yet gradual effect on my face.

Though I have experienced periods of clear skin where my smoking was steady. I was just on a good regimen. The problem is, for me, the regimens never work for more than 2 months.

Either way, I don't want to look leathery when I'm older. Wish me luck.

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I smoked for 4 years and have been clean for over a year now. My skin has stayed the same. My acne is not related to smoking at all.

However, I feel 100% healthier and I don't smell like a tramp anymore.

Good luck though.

Lu x

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Everytime I quit smoking my acne seems to get worse, at least initially. Have no idea why. More sebum production, or something or another. Anyways, over the long run it -should- help to make your skin look better, although not necessarily clear up your acne. Quitting would remove the yellow tinge to your face, slow down the aging process (as smoking speeds it up), prevent (if you haven't gotten them already) the wrinkles around your mouth that form from puffing on that cigarette, and also aid (eventually) in the healing process of your skin overall, which may help to get rid of scars/red marks, if you have any.

And I'm just curious, Lucinda, but is that your picture? You look like Sarah Jessica Parker.

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^^^Probably the stress of quitting makes you break out at first. Plus, your body going through withdrawl can't be great for your skin at first.

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