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A few questions and concerns about my acne. (Warning: long post)

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ok, i think i have moderate acne, i get mainly just whiteheads. I dont think its severe because i assume severe acne is where its deep red spots (not whiteheads). mine just seems to be surface whiteheads.

when i was younger like 14, i just only got acne on my forehead, and now that i am 18, i still get acne on my forehead, and some around my mouth.

I dont really care about my acne that much, i mean it is not the end of the world, or anything. But lately i have become depressed because i dont want acne scars. I can handle this short term acne thing, cuz its only temporary, but i dont want any permanent damage.

I wanna know what your experiences with scarring are, like how scars some to be, right now on my cheeks i have a few little holes with hard edges that is like a jagged pore, but about 3 times the size. I think i have about 6 right now Right now they arent that noticeable, but i wanna know if they will get bigger, or if more will come up. How come some zits havent let this hole scaar thingy? how do i know which pimples will scar? I am reallly paranoid, and i cant concentrate on anything, my grades are suffering and my overall motivation has dropped insanely within the last year. Is this little scar temporary? Especially when i pop a ripe whitehead (carefully) the white stuff comes out, but there is a little dangle of skin which used to cover up the pimple, i usually try to push it back in to place where the hole is (if its still partially attatched so i can let it heal) but then after a while it becomes like a small raised brown scab about the size of a pore, and sometimes more whitestuff comes up from underneath it, and you can see it around the edges around the scab. But through the day sometimes i accidentally break off the small scab and this white stuff comes out. I wash it off, but there is a little hole there. Sometimes the hole goes away but sometimes it evolves into a little jagged scar. Am i being decieved and those little scars will appear later down the road, on those areas where there appeared to be no after damage?

i think these come from loss of tissue, or maybe that little brown scab cap, creates a home, and the skin heals around it and when it comes off the little hole is left behind, but it doesnt fill in because it has stopped healing.

I have found, that my skin breaks out in place where i touch my face. I have been trying not to touch my face but sometimes its just an accident. an example, when i took off my coat a couple of weeks ago, the metal sharp part of the zipper on the collar, scratched my cheek, and about 24 hours later, little whiteheads appear where i got scratched, sometimes causing 4 week long, breakouts in the area. I have tons of other experiences where i got a little scratch or rub on my face (not a cut, just a markless scratch) and it broke out.

i use oxy deep pore daily facial cleanser (salycic acid) 2 to 3 times a day, (lately just 2 times, morning and night). i think its working, because after a while my skin starts flaking some times, especially around areas where a zit just healed. it leaves little flakes of dead skin, and i dont know whether i should rub them off, or let them fall off on thier own. Some of them feel like they are still attatched underneath, and dont come off easily. I dont want to rub or irritate my skin in any way. I cant use BP because it leaves really red spots on my face that burn and are itchy.

here are some things that i have come up with to lower my acne.

- i have tried not to touch my face at all, and i only pat my face dry. I Think that my main point of irritation comes when ia m sleeping, ii think i scartch my face when i am sleeping, and that is causing the brunt of my acne. I dont know how i can stop this while i am sleeping, considering you have no awareness. I recently found out i was scratching my face when i was sleeping, when i woke up to find dried blood in a one inch patch on my forehead, and on my fingernails.

- I have made one improvement to where i sleep, i wash my pillowcase every wash day, and i also sleep with my hand bunched in a ball in my blaket and i rest my hed on that hand, so my face is elevated off the pillow, the only thing touching the pillow is my temple, and my face is up in the air (if that makes any sense) i also make sure my pillow has no wrinkles in it when i rest my face on it, because i have woken up with indent lines on my face from the wrinkles, and i got breakouts in those areas.

- I also shower every day now, instead of every other day. And i stay in extra long to get that sauna effect from the steam.

With these things i managed to clear up my acne like 15 percent. If you have any tips or improvements i wouold like to hear them.

- Most recently i Gave up drinking milk, only for breakfast, i gave up chocolate, because milk and chocolate are high in trans fat, which i read cause acny. I also am now drinking tons of water, and take one multivitamin every day, to get the beneficial effects of vitamins A and E, without getting the side effects of accuane. I also gave up, ( i am a little embarrassed to say it) masturbation, as i read that the male hormone, induced by excersise and sexual arousal can cause acne. I found proof of this, when my 25 year old classmate got a girfriend recently, and now he is breaking out, after a 2 year hiatus.

With these new practices, i have seen an additional 20% improvement.

I am wondering if any of you have any insight or suggestions, or comments on my questions and practices. If any of you have a similar situation, i would love to hear what kind of little tricks you have used to help your cause. Any comments on any of the questions would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry for the long post, but thank you for reading.

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Wait- do sauna's help with acne??

I have a sauna in my basement but I never go in it...but maybe I should..

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Wait- do sauna's help with acne??

I have a sauna in my basement but I never go in it...but maybe I should..

i am pretty sure they do, as acne is caused by clogged pores, and a sauna will open your pores and let all the bad stuff flush out. Heat opens pores, cold closes pores. I have a medical encyclopedia, and it recommmends a sauna or just washing your face with warm water, and rincing with cool water, to open, flush, and close your pores.

you should also drink a lot of water, because you dont want your skin to get too dry from the after effects of a sauna.

you might experience an immediate breakout because at first all of the stuff at the base of your pores will be pushed to the top, but after a few times it should be cleansing.

Thanks fo the replies.

(a month ago, i did a test on the upper part of my lip where a big zit appeared, and i had to pop it, and afterwards i put some polysporin on it and just let it sit there all day, and so far it looks to be completely healed, and no scar effects. I rarely get scars so it could be a fluke)

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