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Accutane and oily skin - permanent cure?

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I was on accutane for 3 weeks, 10mg, -- my acne disappeared, had a few scarring here and there, but it didn't bother me as long as I didn't have any active zits. My oilyness did come back after 4months, and now I'm starting to break out again -- not as bad as before, but I'm getting depressed as I am typing this!

As for getting back on accutane -- It would be nice, but I am currently unemployed -- no insurance. I am trying to find "natural ways" to cure my acne before I decide whether or not Accutane will be my last resort. I've come to a conclusion that my acne has to be HORMONAL!

Anyway, -- I have braces & zits everywhere! Great combination! Life is beautiful... :clap::D:):cool:

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I took Accutane for a month and a half, it worked wonderful for my oily skin, I couldn't believe I actually was able to take a shower, blot my face dry, and not have to worry about my face becoming an oil slick through the day. I had to stop taking the medication due to financial situations, abotu a month after I took my last pill the oil returned unfortunately. From what I understand, the oil will return after the treatment concludes no matter what.

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I am fearing the worst as I end my first course of accutane. I had extremely oily skin before, about 15 days after I started accutane, my oil went away, so for almost 5 months, I have been oil free (somewhat). Well, when I have skipped a dose and took half of what I usually do, my skin becomes oily. Therefore, I think mine is going to come back, almost immediately. I am soooo freaking self concious about it...I hate the oil! I just want normal skin for once in my life! I just don't think it is going to ever happen.

I am going to ask the derm for spiro. I hear it helps reduce the oil.

Sorry that I am so pessimistic...but this sucks!

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