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YAY clearer skin YAY :P

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:dance: Following the basic guidelines of Dan's awesome regimen, it's been 5 days and my skin is rapidly getting clearer. I never really had a problem with my skintone except it's a teensy bit red around my nose but that doesnt bother me much.

I use soap that's infused with tea tree oil (Zeb's General Store, $8) in the morning because it wakes me up with an invigorating, minty scent and tea tree oil is great for treating acne too. My BP spot treatment is Clearasil Ultra and I've found that that works very nicely too, shrinking those bad boys so my face washes can get at 'em. Now my moisturizer is nothing that's reccomended on acne.org, but it makes my skin all smooth and it smells good too. I use Bath and Body Works Skin Repair Healing Body Butter in Moonlight Path. At night I don't use the tea tree oil soap but I use my Clearasil face wash with 0.03% triclosan. I don't think many people use triclosan products anymore, but it works almost as good as BP. For me it starts reducing redness when I wash it off!

Week 1 Day 5

The day before I started this regimen I had a huge breakout around my T-zone (nose and forehead) with lots and lots of blackheads and whiteheads. There's this little cluster of blackheads thats on the bridge of my nose that's been there for months now, and I can't find a way to get rid of them. I think a needle might work but I need to know for sure what I should do about them before I poke my skin. Eewrch.

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hi there and welcome!

I was reading your post and signature, and you aren't on the CSR at all. None of your products are the correct products.

If you want to do Dan's CSR, please read the following links and give it a good honest 3 months of STRICT use to get the best chance of optimal results.

supplies list.




common mistakes


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