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Weird scars

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i have 3 line like scars, which im 100 % sure ive never been cut there, they look like cuts one is as big as half an inch, this must be from acne , but why a line like scar ? its not too deep and not very noticeable i guess, but still its a scar , and it some angle u can see it, its really bothers me, ive been on the regiment, for about 3 months , i use sometimes netrogena bp and somtimes benzuclean , it seems to be working pretty well for me , besides some little blackhead, i have no pimples, but i do have lots of red spot scars from old ones, so i still cant go out without makeup . what the hell are these scars ?

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Had you been lying on something with a hard edge or scraped your face on a thorn bush or anything like tat? Can't think what'd make a line like scar #-o altho wouldn't put it past being from acne

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I have those too - my theory is that it is from acne (never had them b/f my bad breakout) and maybe scrubing with facial scrubs - when i had acne I used to use those (all diferent kinds) and now I realize they are too harsh on the skin - wouldn't surprise me if the scrubs combining with the acne caused them...

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i really have no idea how i got them , the only possible way is through acne , its just so weird to have a line like scar like that , its like i cut my face with knife and it has healed and left a scar , even though ive never hurt my face at all by anything. will this go away , it dosent seem too deep, but i got another one now and all together i have 3 ! how do i stop this from happening ? does anyone know ?

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I have many. When i was in grade 7 i fell off my bike going around a corner. I scraped my face and body so bad that i had to spend 2 nights in hospital. I got scars, mostly body ones but what the heck i was a young kid. 2nd time i was in grade 9. I was cheating in this school run with some other boys. A teacher was about to catch us so 8 boys at once tried to go down a narrow cement staircase. what happened was i tumbled down the stairs and bigger boys were stepping and landing on my face. It was actually funny at the time because 3 boys fell down with me and got hurt even worse. After 5 minutes the adrenaline and excitment wore off and then came the stinging sensation. My face was pretty badly scraped and i had to stay at school the whole day like this.

I still have these scars. They will never go but they don't bother me. They are narrow and long, mostly high up on my cheek bones some of the lower ones i cannot say whether acne caused these. However these pale in comparison to the self-induced scars i have now which have never healed.

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