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I have tried cooltouch, TCA, glycolic, retinA, fraxel (1 treatment) and no improvement. I dunno what to do next. :cry:

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do your grow back thicker and more irritated when you do harsh things like TCA? I have some thickened/raised scars and they still get pink at times. I am trying to be gentle with them for awhile in hopes the cells that create the scar tissue get turned off and then later I can go at them with peels, etc. I had a derm tell me that when irritated for a long period of time they will just keep coming back thicker, you have to give it time to heal properly then maybe later you can resurface. Hope this helps.

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my derm is injecting me with cortisone? [please correct my spelling if it's wrong] anyway, i had like two hypertrophic scars [what you have] on my face and cortisone injections made them go down; now i am working on the ones on my back -- blasted stubborn BRATS! ='[

just to make it clear to you, cortisone is a strong steroid.

OH! almost forgot! i heard pulse dye lasers CAN help raised scars too. i've seen a picture of one that fully recovered back to normal skin, but hey, cortisone injections are like free. lasers cost like 48932789437243298 dollars... ='[

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