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Hi all,

I've had persistent cystic acne for about 5/6 years now...I've tried literally EVERYTHING...Retin A, Retin A Micro, allllll OTC washes creams etc, I saw a derm, even saw a skin care woman who gives massages and facials and started a program of Obagi products.....everything worked for maybe a month or so but usually about 5 months down the line or more something would go wrong....now I'm onto the health angle (i figure even if it doesnt work I'm healthier for it! haha) anyways I am taking a mix of vitamins and supplements including fish oils and Omega 3s (SUPER good for skin..I've noticed AMAZING clearing on my chest/neck area without any real further work on my part). ..the prblem is this: I also started using completely organic facial washers/creams on my face...they worked SO WELL i was on Cloud 9 for 2 weeks....then I started to notice an incredible leap in the number of whiteheads/blackheads...and now the acne is coming full force! the thing im wondering is......my products contain coconut oil.....IS THIS BAD FOR ACNE? I've had two people tell me no and quite a few websites promoting it...HOWEVER ive also read that its REALLY comedogenic!!! which is true!!?!?!? i feel like i FINALLY hit on success (as evidencedby the clear neck/chest WITHOUT the washs).....i know my face is always worse than my neck/chest anyways so it could definitely need a wash on top of the supplements..but I definitely dont want to be putting stuff back into my face!!!


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