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Only thing that has worked for my red marks

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I am now almost 20 and have battled with HORRIBLE SEVERE acne since I was 15, at one time my face was roughly 60% covered with hard scabby acne. I am down to moderate acne now but still all over my face. I am very fair skinned and don't pick my skin but for some reason no matter where I get a scrath or burn or acne I am left with hyperpigmentation. I have tryed glycolic acid peels(Too rough for me), whitening creams(used forever, no results), and mederma(don't try, made me break out) that did not work for me at all. I recently started doing a 40% lactic acid peel on my skin twice a week, even with my SUPER sensitive skin it is not very harsh and my marks are finally starting to get a little lighter. I am still left with extremely deep scaring on my forehead but obviously I am not expecting any improvement on scars. If you havn't I would strongly advise you to start lactic acid peeling! It is helping me.

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