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Food allergies and skin reactions to... tomato?

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First things first, 22, male, mild acne/scarring all over back, shoulders, upper arms. Some on chest, face is relatively clear. I'm finishing a term in Italy where I cook most of my own food-many of which involves tomatoes.

I noticed that even with all the water, sunshine, excerise and good diet my skin condition stayed the same, and still flares up every now and again. Over emailing with my mother she mentioned that as an infant my face and skin would turn bright red whenever I would eat tomato- spaghetti sauce, what have you. I stopped touching the stuff a week and a half ago, and now it seems I get no new pimples, and my body is working on fading out what is already there. I know it's too soon to tell, but has this ingredient been plaguing me my entire life? Think about it, pizza, pasta, ketchup on fries? And salsa? These are things I would have two-three times per week in the states! Well, I will post if anything interesting happens. I should note that I gave up caffeine- coffee and soda- 2 months ago. I had always thought that it was the caffeine and sugars that made me sweat and my pores clog. That seemed to have no effect. I'm also not on any medication, just soap and water. Thoughts?

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Tomatoes are part of the nightshade family and do cause allergic (and) skin reactions (including acne) in some people who are predisposed.

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couple years back when my acne was bad, it seemed like tomotoes were making my acne more inflamable. But who really knows? But now it effects me in very positive ways for my skin.

So perhaps it was the next the food on the list i was becoming allergic to? Or maybe its easily flamable when your acne prone? Or maybe it doesnt mix well with eating all the nasty junk food i ate back then (all the additives)? And im in the blood A type B like someone stated. Go tomatoes hoorah!

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