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Goodluck to you all

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I just wanted to wish everyone here goodluck with their skincare routines/health routines.

I have been reading topics pretty much daily for the passed few months and finally found a good combination of stuff that has made my skin clear.

Although I have posted before this holistic approach very few people seem to want to try a healthy approach because there is too much focus on diet (while integral it is really only 1/8 of a good program).

Oh well.

If anyone really wants to know you can PM me and I will try to check that twice a month.

It is odd that the people who get clear skin often leave the forums and unfortunately this site becomes a case of the blind leading the blind. I wanted to write an ebook but, just like my threads, I don't know if people actually want a solution that takes months to implement (Even if it does work). How specific is my program? Well, I added things like hypnosis to clear skin. Just an FYI, your gastrointestinal health and skin have the most possible linkages to your mental functioning than any other areas of your body. In other words you can change how well your skin circulates and how well your body digests with THOUGHTS, and by change I mean DRASTICALLY CHANGE. You actually probably know this as stress can affect digestion and can even turn it off. Your mind should be in your plan people, absolutely. People think I'm crazy for saying things like this...

Oh well.

Later on,

Those who want some advice can PM me. Read my thread which I think is called "For those who are new..." which tells about basic philophy yet no specifics before you PM so you have an idea what we are talking to. Don't be discouraged if I don't answer right away as I am only checking this every 2 weeks or so.


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Correction. That's blind leading the blind leading the blind, to be accurate.

1- You'll still check this site everyday, admit it.

2- You always got to give specifics (I found out the hard way too pal)

3- Saying you got some secret info. that can only be had by PM'ing you ain't gonna work out.

4- Nobody disagrees with your approach but it's too involved, let them have their Zinc and everyone's happy. LOL

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This is a forum and one silly thread isnt gonna change the world. So you learned alot from the diet/holistic board. So have many others. And you didnt get the response you wanted in your thread. Why is this? Did you actually read one single thread here and it clear you up? Well it didnt for me. I came across so many threads in 5 months that i introduced in my diet. And i finally finding a great system. Adding and subtracting foods and life style approaches. So your now saying screw everyone if you dont like what I have to say. (and had your conspiracy theory with typing nothing because people dont wanna listen) Just IM me and Ill get back when i can. Sounds hypocritical. Seriously dont expect only YOU are gonna make a difference in peoples lifes.

Personally I just like restating what I read in the past, Giving information on how vitamins and body works. Things that really make a difference to my skin. Giving out interesting links. And just try to give good vibes, a optimistic outlook to the future. Well Bob if you leave it will be one less brain to keep these forums in the right order.

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BobMcGee, don't leave now. I really admire your adherence to natural methods, however your worshipping of Dr. Weil is slightly laughable :lol: . But you are very passionate and I respect that. Peace and love :D

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