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Seafood and Acne

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Hi, as some of you may have known about my situation, I got my accutane prescription from my dermatologists last week. However, I have not gotten the drug yet because there is a problem with my iPLEDGE account, and the pharmacy told me I need to contact my doctor to correct the problem. My doctor is on vacation for a week, so I am still not on accutane yet.

Anyway, when I saw my dermatologist 2 weeks ago, she already told me that it may take a while to get the drug due to the complicated procedures of the new iPLEDGE system. So on that same day I went to a doctor who practices Chinese medicine. He recommended me to stop eating all kinds of seafood (fish, crabs, shrimps, lobsters, clams, kelps, etc.) and he gave me a one-week supply of Chinese herbal medicine. I thought that since I may have to wait for a week before I get my accutane, why not try a little Chinese medicine in the mean time to improve the health of my internal organs.

So I have stopped eating any seafood, and I have been taking the Chinese medicine twice a day. Surprisingly, I noticed dramatic improvement of my back acne, and my chest acne seems to get smaller too. I used to constantly have 3 or 4 PAINFUL nodular acne the size of a dime on my back, but now all nodular acne is gone and there are only a few pimples left but they are much smaller and not painful. So I was wondering if seafood can aggravate acne? I think I read somewhere that says eating large amount of seafood can increase the testosterone in your body, and a high level of testosterone can make acne worse. I used to eat lots of sushi (raw fish) because I thought it was healthy. :doh: In addition, in the last 2 weeks I also started taking a bath with healing bath powder after i exercise, and I also decreased the frequency of my masturbation to just once a week. I am just trying to provide as much information as possible here, so maybe you guys can help me figure out what helped improve my acne.

I did a seach on google and here is what I found:

This website says we should eat LESS seafood.


It may sound fishy, but if you are prone to acne, there is at least one doctor who believes that seafood and other foods containing iodine could bring on an attack.

"Iodine is a factor in some people who are prone to acne," says James E. Fulton, Jr., M.D., Ph.D. " Iodine enters the body and mixes into the bloodstream, with the excess excreted through the oil glands. As it is excreted, it irritates the pores and brings on an acne flare-up."

Dr. Fulton does not currently know at what level the iodides could bring on an acne attack, but he warns that "excessive long-term ingestion can induce acne attacks."

However, this website says we should eat MORE seafood.


Another mineral helpful in improving acne is magnesium. It is essential for metabolism, aids in growth of bones and is the body's major electrolyte. It is helpful in relieving stress and is responsible for the health of the heart, blood circulation, blood pressure and overall relaxation. As stress triggers off adrenal hormones, magnesium can help in reducing stress, relaxing muscles and thus reducing formation of extra hormones and avoiding acne worsening. Magnesium rich foods are meats, seafood, green vegetable, dairy products, nuts, bananas, peanut butter and potatoes.

So I am really confused here. Help ?? :eh::confused:

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LOL, that's some quackery right there.

If you want to eat some farking seafood, then eat it man. It's obvious that you should not eat too much of it, but a couple of meals a week including seafood isn't causing your acne.

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Sea food, when high in omega 3's, generally reduces inflammation.

With that said, I found that flax seed + oil, and cod liver oil in the past could break me out (because I'd have itchy skin and new pimples the whole next day) but I was likely going overboard thinking then that 'if a little is good, more is better'. I'm trying cod liver oil again, one teaspoon a day (the recommended amount on the bottle) to see if it causes the same breakouts. Hopefully not, cuz the stuff is extremely beneficial for the rest of your body, especially your brain.

By the way, about the iodine - it's only bad in EXCESS. Just like your quote said in exact terms, "excessive long-term ingestion can induce acne attacks." If you consistently eat seafood daily as well as eggs and milk, there could be a problem. Otherwise it's nothing to worry about if say, you're eating a fish steak once a week. Your body needs a tiny amount of iodine at all times - it's a trace mineral.

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