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Just Started...Shaving Questions

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So I just started the regimen last Saturday and it seems to be improving already. I was on ProActiv but that didn't really seem to prevent pimples for me. Probably because they don't give in depth instructions as I found this site did.

Anyway, I have a few questions on shaving.

1) Is it necessary to shave everday?

2) The instruction say to shave in the morning...Is this better or just the same as shaving at night?

3) It seems impossible for me to shave without causing atleast slight irritation...should I not worry about this for now because the regimen will eventually clear me up?

4) I'm using the Gillette Gel...It doesn't say if it's Comegenic or not so is this alright to use? I have the Purpose Cleansing Wash and just didn't want to waste it by using it for shaving cream if it wasn't necessary.

I know these questions might be annoying, but I just want to make sure I'm doing everything right.

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right first off ditch the gilette gel

get a cleansing bar to wash ur face with in general

an use that to make a lather

then apply it like shaving foam wen u shave

then simply shave it off

i use the gillette sensor excel razor an its rather good i find

no irritation at all in my experience :D

hope that helped!

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I disagree about the bar thing. I use a shaving gel cause using lather soap just doesn't sound like a good idea. I use Aveeno sensitive skin shaving gel which is non comodegenic and doesn't have any fragrance. I used to get irritation when shaving but when I switched to this shaving gel and started doing the regimen that stopped. The regimen actually seemed to make my skin tougher. I like to shave every day just because otherwise it seems like half the benzoyl peroxide i put on ends up just sitting on or soaking into my stubble, plus it's annoying trying to rub my fingers around my face with stubble grabbing at them. Shaving every day also helps get rid of any dead skin on my face, something that the regimen gives you lots of. You can shave night or day though. If you still have zits on your face you should shave at night cause if you do in the morning then the razor scraping over them is gonna make them look all fucked up during the day but if you do it at night by morning they're normal again. I find Mach3 to be the most comfortable blade but they're too expensive so I'm using sensor blades now which work okay...no irritation at least.

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i use the gilette shaving gel, and i love it. its great stuff, and i dont feel like using a whole bunch of my cleanser to shave when they make stuff for that exact purpouse.

about the night thing, you could shave at night, i dont think its a big deal, but if you have an average man-growing face youll have a bad shadow by like 12:00 PM the next day.

also, shave every day if you get hair there everyday. it causes irritation to the skin and can cause acne, but if it takes a few days for you to get hairs, then i dont really think its that important.

i wouldnt really worry about a little bit of irritation, but if its doing more than a bit, then you should.

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i use the cetaphil bar for lather to shave. its tougher, but it gets the job done. ive noticed that when i use the regular shaving cream or gel i get acne.

hope this helps.

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i am in the same boat as rawlin. i use the gilette gel, cleansing one. i shave different spots every few days and my chin maybe every otehr day. i usually shave in the morning, but the time of the day shouldn't matter. i think you'll need to find out what works for u. i don't have a problem using my mac3 and gilette gel, but i know others who don't like straying away from the regimen or the stuff bothers them. honestly for me, i was too lazy and didn't want to buy nething new if it wasen't nessecary, so i changed everything excep tmy shaving and it has been fine. hope it works out for u. so if u want, u can do what i did, or if u don't want to take htat chance, just do everything like the regimen! cheers

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