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Moisturizers on accutane

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i got cetaphil moisturizing CREAM today with no spf. The tube i had that had spf 15 didnt say it was a cream, but it was real liquidy. The cream is more waxy but its non-comedogenic. Has anyone tried this and liked it? Aloe vera makes my face shiny so i only put it on at night, and cetaphil with spf makes my face look greasy especially if i sweat it feels gunky.

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I'm in my 4th month on accutane, and I love cetaphil cream! It's definitely helped keep dryness at bay. But I only use it at night, since my skin is so sun-sensitive I have to go for a heavy duty sunscreen during the day.

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i just applied some on my nose, and within 30 seconds it made my nose look oily, even though its not anymore. WHY CANT THE WORD INVENT A MOISTURIZER THAT WORKS WELL?? Either its..

Too shiny

Too greasy

Too thick

Too thin

If its not shiny/greasy it probably isnt working

Gosh i hate 1st hour in school cause all the shit i put on my face before school hasnt sunk in yet so it looks so messed up. I tested the cream on my hand, and it didnt seem as shiny as the other cetaphil spf 15 moistuirzer. But now i put it on my face and it made it look shiny. I have to wipe off the shininess with a piece of toilet paper which causes some flakes to re-appear. Acne is not as complex as cancer, and theyve got better treatments for that!!

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i use a mild facewash in the morning and then apply cetaphil lotion (not cream). i put as little as possible, just enough so that it looks/feels normal. try to do this as early as possible before you leave since shininess fades after putting the lotion on. i also noticed that lotion becomes more shiny after using it after taking a shower compared to after just washing my face so it might be a good idea to shower at night if you don't already. i have dry skin though so i dont know if this will work for you..

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