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Day 1:

Im beginning the treatment a week earlier than my derm says. I don't see why I can't begin now so I am.

Not really anything going on so I'll post later.

(this is recorded already if you were wondering im just putting it on this website!)

Day 2:

STill not much no dryness no anything. I also decided to use it every night instead of every other night. i know m skin can handle it.

Day 5:

Seems like it is clearing up! :dance: but maybe im just rearing for the initial break out! :-(.

Day 7:

I feel the dryness...no new breakouts, i continue clearing up. I do not know if the doxycycline is helping. I also use brevoxyl 8 face wash (benzoyl peroxide) I do not know if that's a good combo but Im gonna listen to the derm anyways...... :wall: because sometimes i like to stray from what im supposed to do and sometimes it ends up getting worse.

Day 9:

I look back on the days of clear skin and not wearing make up and i know that with this treatment hopefully i will become clear again. I am starting to peel...i wake up in the morning and where i have some dark marks from left over acne they are peeling the most. Good or bad? :evil: Other than that lets pray i do not get the initial break out.

Day 10:

I find that while i am washing my face, it kind of burns!!!! :( . Then before i put on the taz my forehead especially looks as if i have like plastic or something on it..its skin of some type? I need help. Plus have some new pimples nothing big i do not plan on popping them, because i tried one and it turned to a red spot wont do that again. :naughty: I look at my face since i am on spring break and it gets on my nerves. i am not on week yet i posted before and im getting ahead of myself. but oh how i wish for clear skin. so the new pimples i am not sure if that is the intial break out or if thats cuz my time of the month? um but they are on my cheeks and fore head so whats going on? :shrug:

Dan i need your help or anybody help me :dan:

before i do something crazy lol :injured:

if no one helps ill just sit here and play myself a sad love song :boohoo:

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sometimes i think i never will clear up when i look back on my clear days and look at me now. but to get back to that point i know i have to keep going. but it is difficult i cried today for 5 minutes but stress and salt on my face isnt going to help any.

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okay i am on week 2 and im peeling and im happy and i got a few new pimples but that means its working, so im happy as hell. my skin is evening out. and as along as i dont get a big initial break out that bites me in the behind ill continue! im taking doxycycline and use brevoxyl so the derm says if i do breakout it should be small and im keeping my fingers crossed

Day 15

My left cheek and some of right is completely peeled for now. i look kind of red at the moment but my skin is smooth like a babys bottom! im just waiting for my stubborn forehead to peel. i notice when i sleep on my cheek they peel faster...should i sleep on my forehead? LOL. this acne is gonna die BIATCHES

good luck to everyone

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