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Help!!! Is the regime suitable for my skin?

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I have started on the regime for 4 days.. Pls tell me if the effects are normal and if Im on the right track...

Im using Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser, Neutrogena On the Spot and Nuetrogena Moisture spf 15...

For the 1st day of using the Bp.. I can feel my skin tighten, but I already get a bright red complexion (sort of like sunburnt skin).. Is that the effects of the Bp.. ? While applying the BP.. I get a burning feel on my skin... often painful on more delicate areas of my face (nose and lips area)...

And also.. why does the Neutogena Moisture appears to be creamy white... is it b'cause of the mixing with the Bp... Any other brands of mosituriser will not be that obvious? or is there any techniques in applying it to make it less visible?

3rd day after following the regime... my scars are less visible, no breakouts and pimples subsiding... but my skin is dry no matter with how much moisturiser i apply... the skin is also tighter yet rough with particles (is it my dried skin peeling off?)... Is this the hardening effect in using Bp cream? Its seems like the redness is there to stay... somehow... I also get seemingly darker red dried patches on my face (is it discoloration?!)

4th day... my face still feels tight (very tight) like sunburnt skin, the redness with darker red dried patches is still there (but doesnt seems to get any worst..)... applying the Bp doesnt stint as much as before (maybe its the layer of dried skin inbetween?!) and the moisturiser still glooed to form white visable starch like substance when dried it can be scraped off...

Is the above normal to the use of the regime? If yes, I will continue with the regime to see wat happens.. but I do not like the redness and the discoloration... although there is an improvement with no agravation of acne and smoother but dried skin with less visable scars...

Some please tell me wats happening? Thnx~~

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Yes everything you said is normal. Just don't let your skin get too red and irritated to the point where it hurts to move your lips and talk and such.

Remember to moisturize at night too. When you apply the moisturizer don't rub it in too hard and work with a little at a time. Yes it will clump up with the BP but it comes off. It shouldn't stay white on your face though. The cream may be white but it will be transparent when you apply it to the face over the BP layer.

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another question...

:? my skin is starting to peel... while on some parts the dead skin is still sticking on... Is it advisable to use a scrab to get rid of the remaining dead skin before i put on Bp.. or do I apply my bp over both the new skin and the dead skin (will it cause discoloration)?? will apply Bp over the new skin undernealth cause it to peel as well?

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Well, I have never had my skin peel from BP. My skin at the most has become dry and hard from BP and maybe a little red sometimes. Do you mean like a sunburn peel where you can actually take skin off in sections or a cracking peel that is just dry and spotty?

I use an exfoliator 3-4 times a week to remove dead skin cells. Most of the dead skin comes off of my lower face area like my upper neck and chin and sometimes my nose area and forehead. I use a gentle exfoliator called Swept Clean by Origins. It is wonderful and it makes my skin feel really fresh and new. It has charcoal and jojoba wax beads that make it gentle yet it takes off a lot of dead skin so my skin is toned and balanced. I also use a toner too. It helps with irritation and it keeps my ph balance in check. I would recommend using a toner after you cleanse so that your face is toned and not blotchy and rough. A good starter and very cheap one is witch hazel. It's good for irritation and redness and it is very good for toning skin and you can find it anywhere.

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:? Iha..

Day 5... My skin is definitely peeling in sections, just like sunburntskin... but somehow after using Ionax scrub cleanser to get rid of the dead driedskin.. my face reveil a newer skin .. although I notice a few small pimples trying to breakout on my previous damage tissue (anyone notice how pimples always grow back at the same spots? :cry: )

Im convinced that my skin is sensitive to Bp.. although I have oily skin.. but using Bp makes my skin dry and peeling.. I have tried using a very minimal amount of Bp on the new skin this morning and I still gets peeling skin which i remove using the above mentioned scrub... At the moment.. I will stop using Bp for a day I guess drying my new skin isnt a good idea...

but I will continue the Bp the next day...

Oh yea.. the Neutrogena moisture does not appear white with the Bp when used in appropriate amount... I guess I have put on too much! Well.. the instructions are to use plenty... I guess I did that right... :D

Lets hope for a better complexion for tomorrow~ 8)

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One thing is be very careful that you're not using too much bp. Dan did say to use it generously, but he also said to start out with a pea-sized amount. Don't use much at first. It is VERY drying, even with that small amount. You have to build up a tolerance. I do agree about the exfoliating thing, though I personally don't do it that often because it then has the reverse effect and dries out my skin even more. Once a week is perfect for me. One more thing that I do that helps TREMENDOUSLY is to NOT use the moisturizer at night, but to replace it with Vaseline all over my face. I know this may sound very odd, but Vaseline won't clog pores and it's hypo-allergenic. It's the BEST moisturizer on the face of the earth, but it's very greasy, so only use it at night. Besides, what do you have to lose? Vaseline is way cheap. By following Dan's regimen exactly, but just using Vaseline as a moisturizer at night, my skin is perfect for the first time in a very long time. Hope that helps you some!!!!!!! :wink:

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Hey kibb - hang in there,

I've only been on the regimen for a little over a week. I was going through some of the same symptoms, peeling too. But its working itself out now. I found that using a moisturizer with alpha hydroxy in it helps a lot, because it removes dead skin. try it out. It will eventually all get better though. Probably sooner than later. let us know how it works out


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i was thinking of starting this regimen too ..but i'm not so sure. is it true that bp could discolor clothes...my friend said all of her dark colored clothes turned somewhat orange. i'm worried because my uniform is white. it would be odd if it turns orange.

also, will bp turn my hair to a lighter shade? my hair is black..so it'll also be funny if i suddenly have lighter hair near my face.

please help!!!!

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Yo~ angel n mercer n princess...

I guess my skin has gotten use to the Bp... I no longer experience too much of redness or excessive peeling... the redness is more or less not visable and a bit of dried deadskin which can be easily removed using a scrub...

:cry: But I do get a few small.. 2 or 3 tiny.. bumps which do not seems to be growing bigger.. hopefully they will subside or driedoff with the use of Bp :D ...

I have increased the amount of Bp used with little irritation to my skin.. but I was wondering if the Bp is effective only if I can feel my skin tingle when applying.. (at least I know the Bp is working? :D )

I dont think I get any clothes stained or hair bleached using the Bp... although the Neutorgena on-the-spot do states that it may bleach hair or dye fabrics... just be a bit more alert :roll: ...

I will stick with the routine and see how it goes... :wink:

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ihateacne, could you list the routine that you usually go by? Im about to start using an exfoliator and toner and was wondering where I should fit them in, in conjunction with the Cleanser, Bp, and Moisturizer I use. In what order do you use your products and how often weekly? thanks bro

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Have any of you guys experienced even worse breakouts after using BP? I think I may have used too much, and I have the classic side effects like peelig skin and extreme dryness. But more acne? Is that normal with BP?

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I read this post with great interest.

What you are experiencing is TOTALLY NORMAL. Yes, you're sensitive, but so are many people. You probably started a little fast, but it sounds like you're doing better now, so that's good. In a week or so it will be time to really start ramping up the dosage to achieve total clearing.

As far as using an exfoliator or vaseline, they may be fine, but I would not try these things until you are clear. I always want people to do the regimen exactly until they are clear. Then you can add in 1 variable at a time.


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Day 15... wow.. 2 weeks already~

I can really feel Im in control of my acne... :X

But somehow.. I recently got an outbreak along my jawline.. why? (When it all seems to be going so well..) Looking at the other posts.. this seems to be typical for using Bp on the chin area.. Is it because the region drys more than the rest of the face causing irritation?

I have been using A LOT of BP trying to dry off those bumps.. I hope it works.. :roll:

btw.. is using Bp like an addiction? Must I use more and more each time I apply to get good outcome? Anyone? ;)

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