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I'm confused... again!! haha So when you go to the derm and get medication your going to have an initial breakout or purging or whatever you wanna call it. Where all of the junk is coming up and then your face will subside is that right? Isn't for any prescription you take?? I never heard of that before until going on this site. I used to use proactiv now nothing till I go to the derm in june but proactiv says it won't get worse before it gets better... so i think that is dumb if you get a prescription which will probably work better then the proactiv and then for them 2 say that. But newayz thanks so much!! Please Reply

Franny G!

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Proactive relies primarily on benzoyl peroxide, which does not cause an initial breakout, because it does not cause purging. BP products kill the p. acnes bacteria that causes inflammation, but do not get rid of the dirt/oil that is already deep inside your pores. Retinoids (Retin-A/Differin/Green Cream/etc.) increase your cell turnover rate, which causes purging or the "intial breakout." This gets rid of the acne at the root of the problem (the dirt/sebum plugs that the p. acnes bacteria feeds on), rather than simply killing the bacteria that causes inflammation.

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