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lauric acid in healthy sebum antibacterial?

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OK Bryan & Labgirl I'm bored so I came back for your thoughts on this...


Also wondering if most acne sufferers are doing more harm than good by avoiding lauric acid and its derivatives in cleansers. I have no problems with (Sodium lauryl/eth Sulfate) SLS or lauric acid in cleansers in fact I think SLS in combo with the much maligned triclosan has helped clear me and keep me clear. I used to avoid SLS and Lauric acid. Jojoba oil is also high in lauric acid BTW.

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I wonder if Jojoba oil is more or less antibiotic than healthy sebum, and whether any studies have been done that find acne sufferers sebum being less antibiotic and/or less acidic than a healthy & unmedicated person's sebum. And are there any Palmitoleic acid products?



Pulp extracted sea buckthorn oil smells musky and stains the skin. I wonder if sea buckthorns are those nasty fruit things that smell like a mix of vomit and dog poop when they fall to the ground and rot in the fall. They look similar. I thought maybe they were buckeyes.

Nope. Just checked. They're female Ginkgo trees. NASTY. Come next fall, I'm going to a city hall meeting and bringing it up. And maybe I'll bring a paper bag of them to light on fire in front of some city councelman's front door. Perfect for Halloween!

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