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Should i try the regimen??

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Hi, just wondering if someone could help me. Im on limecycline (tetra 300mg) and using differin gel at night. I aint noticing a big improvement to the acne and red marks i have but its certainly stopping new ones from developing so rapidly. I only seem to get another spot after shaving?? and never get painful ones anymore which is great.

Just wondering if dans regime would help clear my face of existing spots and the red marks they have left over the last few years lol. I went to see the derm and he said they will faid in a yr or so but i dont believe him as i have had them 4-5 yr already!!!

I am keen to try the regimen but i want to know if its ok to continue with the differin gel as i quite like the stuff (well better than retin-A which was horrible) and also could some of you post your 'simple' regimens so I can copy one lol.

Also is there any products to use that smooth the face, when i look in the mirro i see sall bumps but the derm said i dont have scarring - he was pretty useless for info really. Just wanted me out of his office i think!


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I think u should definitly think about maybe using the regimen because the second you come off the antibiotics

your acne could easily comes back. You should read all the stuff about the regimen first before you start and

take it slower b/c differin gel i think dries ur skin already but yea think about getting a moisterizer w/ AHA in it

to help renew ur skin faster which will get rid of red marks faster.

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Check with your derm before you make any changes.

But, in reference to whether or not you can add bp to your personal Regimen, yes you could. You could use the differin at night and then bp in the day if your derm okays it. You wouldn't be on the Regimen exactly of course, but adding in something for daytime use might help you clear faster. Also, has your derm ever done any chemical peels on you? That helps to fade those marks pretty rapidly. Back when I was a derm regular patient, I went in once a month for a peel and to get my prescriptions. Just something for you to ask your derm about.

Also if shaving is irritating you, consider a different type of razor. Not sure what you are currently using, but Dan swears by the Gilette Sensor Excel razor.

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Thanks for the helpful replies.

@ItalHawk87 i have just bought 3 tubes of Neutrogena On-the-Spot to try out as i live in the uk its easier for me to get and Dan's states he found it pretty good. Can you recommend a moisturiser with AHA in? dont know much about what should be in and not in the mosturiser lol (new to the regime!!). people say it should be alcohol and fragarance free also. dont know if thats true or not...

@Brandy I waited 3 month to see the derm and they had me in the room all of 2-3 mins before giving me a prescription for differin and sending me on my way. I found them totally useless - next time i go to the doctors ill ask if i can go to another hospital with a different dermatology dept. They never mentioned chemical peels, i remember him saying the only thing different to differin gel would be to look at lazer treatement at my own expense (not a problem) and i would have to find out about it myself as he couldnt give any info but he never mentioned any of the methods available that ive found on this site.

I think the regime sounds best. I intend to stick to what dan says but im going to check to see if staying on the antibiotics is ok as i thnk they are doing well at reducing the amount of spots i get.

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well first thing u should do qwerty is make sure ur not allergic to the on-the-spot because for me i am (not sure

extactly wt from it) but place it on a small patch of skin and see if u get any reaction (may take a day), as for

the moisturiser with aha, everyone has their own taste in wt they like, i use neutro healthy skin face lotion but

ther are a few others out ther u can try out if u want, again u might just wanna try an oil-free, non clogger

moisterizer otherwise ur skin my sting a bit much, just remember to start a little slow since ur using differin gel

and a pill.

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