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Effects of Exercise vs "Self Love"

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I've been reading a fair few links on the whole hormonal aspect of acne, and I gotta tell you I'm getting confused.

There's a few posts around about the link between a guys "me time" and acne. Basically they reckon its hormonal, quit doing it/over doing it and your hormones get stable and ance gets a bit better.

Also heard other people saying acne is hormonal, but here's my question, if you go and work out at the gym you're increasing your hormones right? Your giving a boost to the levels flowing around in the blood stream yeah, so this is goning to help boost up the acne?

I just need to know a final concensus on this, cos I thought maybe i should look at giving up weights for a few months.

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You shouldn't have to give up weight training. If you think it is contributing to your acne, adjust your program to find out how.

Saying weights simply increase hormones doesn't really say anything. The hormonal link to acne is generally that your hormones are out of balance. Weight training(And any regular exercise) can assist in balancing them.

When you think about holistic health in general the whole point is balance. Acne is a sign that something is wrong somewhere, something isn't as it should be, it can be very difficult to identify though because outside of causes there is a tremendous number of contributing factors(things that make it worse or perpetual for instance)

You weight train, do you have a good weight training diet? do you eat 5-7 meals a day consisting of the proper nutrients your body needs after taking in the caloric energy expenditure of lifting weights? Or do you just huck some weights around in your free time?

Perhaps you should consider throwing in some cardio into your workout circuit. It doesn't need to be much if you are trying to bulk, just a couple times a week for 20-40 minutes. That will do wonders for your overall health.

As far as masturbation, there really isn't a link to acne when it comes to masturbation, perhaps in some cases it can potentially be aggravating to your hormones and your skin, but that'd be pretty rare I think. If you're younger and still going through puberty I could imagine it making more of a difference, but if you're out of puberty, it doesn't matter either way.

People will simultaneously tell you that having sex cures acne, and that masturbation causes it, when, as far as your bodily functions are concerned, the two are basically the same. It's mostly hot air.

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Cheers man, guess I've always been looking at it as more the level of hormones rather than balance, I'll definitely throw in a bit more cardio and have a chat with a trainer about what I should be eating.

thanks again

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