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I had a derm apointment 2day, it was posed to be at 10.30, but they were running behind an hour and 15 mins so in that time i worked out what i wanted to say.

The last derm apoint i had he said he was going to take me of minocycline, and just let me keep having the creams, BP and defferin gel.

well from that last apoint i was thinking, i thought i would ask for some thing different today cause my oil had returned and i had my acne returning quickly and even on my forehead where i never used to get it before, and also i was going to ask if i could have a peel to get rid of red marks.

so in the waiting room i was going through it all, and when i got in there i told him, not quite as i would have liked to but i got most of it out, but then to my dissapointment once again, like every apointment i have ever had, he aggred that he would leave me on minocycline for another 4 months, and the stupid creams

I mean what is the point in puting something inside of you that aint even workin no more, i mean i have been on these things now since april, i wanted to so try summin new.

also i was told i couldnt have a peel cause they are no good for your skin and just wreck it, and that he would never suggest anyone to have one, he said just to get a cream with a spf in it to protect my skin, ha yeah whatever what the fuck is that meant to do, i wanted a peel to get new skin, maybe get rid of some of the marks and even my skin tone but no dissapointment once again

hope someone can relate to this cause i feel like the only one with a useless derm.

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If you don't feel that this dr. is listening to your needs, or even listening to you at all, then fire him and go see someone else. I was at the mercy of a dr long ago, or so i thought, finally i just had the guts to go to someone else and i swear from that point on everything changed!!! If i had to file a lawsuit for malpractice i would sue the previous one because for years he kept giving me the crappy creams and gels that did nothing for me...then the new doc diagnosed me with cystic acne and said that the creams and gels don't work for it....hence, today i have the scarring. So why can't i sue the other doc for misdiagnosis? after all if i was diagnosed from the beginning i probably wouldn't have the scars today... nice thought huh? maybe we all should!! obviously they have all our money, why not get it all back!!! :cry: wouldn't that be the best? ha ha

go with your gut and find someone you can relate to or better yet, can relate to YOU!!


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Ditch that derm! If he is not working with you, it's time to find someone new. My derm does peels and has MD Forte glycolic acid products, but he says that I should wait for a while before we try them. Maybe your derm feels that a peel at this time would not be good for your skin.

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I am not too pleased with mine either. He asked how I felt about my skin now. Before he even asked me my experience, he already decided to put me on antibiotics. He started writing a prescription. I forgot about all the questions I had in mind. He probably spent 5 minutes with me. He chrgs me $15 for the co pay. I honest do not think that my session was even worth $15! I could find out more from the internet than from him!!!!

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