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any way to tell if a cyst will leave a crater?

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Theres really no way to tell, that's kinda like looking at a particular place on your skin and wondering if a pimples gonna be there tomorrow or not..

Just try and avoid any scars by not touching your face when you have a cyst, being really gentle, putting your BP gel or tea tree oil on them, and applying aloe vera gel, which helps to heal the skin..

Picking them or trying to pop them will increase the chance of the cysts disappearing and leaving a scar.. I guess the bigger, nastier and more deep the cyst is, the more likely a scar will develop in the end?

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Most of my cysts leave a scar. But they only leave craters if I pick or squeeze them before they are ready. The best thing to reduce the likelihood of a crater is to leave it well alone and let it clear itself up. I know thats hard when it comes to a head, but its the best thing for your skin.

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if you have any idea please let me know


All of my nodular cysts leave a scar, and trust me, I never pick, poke, or squeeze. Using Multi-Vitamin cream somewhat helps.

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Guest tvirus_outbreak

I don't really think there's anyway to tell. I can hardly ever resist the urge to pick and squeeze my cysts and all the ones that appear on my chin have left a scar. However, once I got a cyst on my nose, and I picked at it until no end. Eventually I got everything out (it was the most disgusting pimple popping experience I've ever had) and although it left a scab, it healed and left no mark at all.

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