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Oily skin,... please any advice here ?

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Does anyone else have any advice for keeping the oil at bay ? I wondered if Minocin was causing it, so I stopped taking it for a week and that was a very big mistake. The areas treated with the laser are clear but my neck and the hair line behind my head started to break out a little. Areas that had never been a problem in the past. So i upped the dose and started taking 2 a day for the last 7 days and its helped quite a bit I think. Since the laser was such a success for me, I would just eat all sorts of rubbish. It seems that was ok to a point, but maybe I was pushing my luck too much with fast food and chocolate but I just wanted to feel normal again....mistake I think, So i've stopped eating that rubbish again !

I've also noticed today that if I wash with just warm water (no face wash products), it doesnt get anywhere near as oily. So tonight I just washed with water again to see if, in the morning it has stayed a little drier. I'm so used to waking up in the morning and feeling the oil there and then I know if its going to be a problem all day or not.

So sorry for the long post, if anyone has any advice on the effects of diet or wash products with their oil problem, or anything else for that matter, please, I'd be very interested to hear it.


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I don't think the food you eat has anything to with acne (then again, some people say it does, some say it doesn't, etc etc.) But it's mainly either hormonal/genetics or just plain old bacteria. And to make oily skin stop, theres Benzoyl Peroxide, or the natural alternative, tea tree oil, a tea tree oil cleanser would be really good I reckon, and make sure your moisturizer is oil free, and never OVERclean to the point where your skin is really really dry and flaky because that could make it worse. Blotting with those little blotting paper things could work if you don't like putting anything chemical on your face..? Tea tree oil is natural though, it could help. You could add some to your moisturizer or something. Dilute it with water. And spot treat pimples with a drop or two on each one, dries them out..

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