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I'm gonna soon start

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Well, lets start with the fact that I don't know whether my acne is severe or not. I mean I have a lot of acne but according to Dan the pimples have to be a specific type. I'm pretty I have normal pimples (whiteheads and that other red bump one) Anyway, I'm guessing accutane would not be right for me because I heard it can give joint pains and I play lacrosse and soccer and colleges are looking at me.

So anyway, lets say im wrong. Would csr help out people with severe acne too? I mean it's worth a try right? Also what moisturizers would you recommend to use? And finally would the proactiv repairing lotion be fine to use because its 2.5% BP. I think I also have a BP oxy. Which would be better to use?

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ok i cant answer all of your questions, but as to the proactiv 2.5% bp...i used this at the start of the regimen because I have it left over, but i would not buy it for 2 reasons: 1. its wayy more expensive than dan's bp (which is better anyway) 2. it has perfumes and stuff that can be irritating.

is bp oxy 2.5%? i have really oily and tough skin and i find that using anything more than 2.5%bp is too much for my skin when using as much as dan recommends.

i hope other people answer your other questions and good luck! remember to start slow with the bp and work your way up!

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hey crazy i think u should give csr a shot because it is worth a try and even if it doesn't work completly, it will

put u in a good regimen to keep ur skin healthier. As for the moisterizer, its a definite but i don't know which

one to recommend to you, i use biore oil free at night and neutro face lotion in da morning. For which bp to use

go with the one that has a lower % b/c for the first week (which im in) the stuff tends to sting and irritate since

ur skin isn't use to it. As for if ur acne is severe, if u have a lot of little ones then i don't think its considered

severe b/c its the type not quantity. Hopefully i helped ya some, i don't have the best advice so look around

the forums to see what others say.

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i think it can work for more severe acnes too, so it's worth a shot. i mean what have u got to lose if stuff in the past hasen't worked?

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