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A year ago I'd say my acne was classed as mild, although I'd usually have about 5 medium sized lesions at one time and about 30 red marks all the time as well. Now I only ever get 3/4 tiny little red dots per week, but even these seem to leave red marks which last a few weeks. Every now and then I'll get a fairly bad spot, but even then they dont last for that long. I haven't had a pustule for god knows how long and maybe 2 whiteheads in the last 6 weeks at least. Still my face looks like shit in my opinion. Still red marks here and there. I had a period of about 5-6 weeks where I kept getting spots on my right hand cheekbone. The breakouts stopped about 6 weeks ago, but I've still got red marks there!!!! Obviously these will fade with time. My main problem is that between 2001 - 2002 my acne was stopped dead in its tracks by Benzamycin and 200mg of Doxycycline per day. I was so fucking clear and I don't think I'll ever be that clear again, I've suffered some minor scars along the way anyway. I just feel a bit pissed of today, it just seems that no matter how much I improve, I still cant be happy with my skin. My skins oily as well by the way, I don't think I've seen any change in the amount of oil produced over the last 8 years or so. Oily skin makes everything look worse :wall: I'm a lot happier and outgoing than I was a year ago though, hopefully things will carry on improving for now

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You should try this.. (my favourite thing in the world)


I don't sell it - not trying to scam money outta people :P I just bought it off trademe (nz's ebay) and it worked so well, really really loved it. It's like.. airbrushing your skin (I should so start selling it) and it's a really good time to start when you're at the stage you're at. It finished things off in my opinion

But that's just a suggestion. Have a read, see what you think? :)

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