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i'm a long time follower of these forums. i've been on the regimen for a while now and have had pretty good results. i'm more or less clear now, but i still have GODDAMN RED MARKS :mad:

i don't really want to try anything that might risk new breakouts. i just want a moisturiser like eucerin skin renewal that has alpha hydroxys or something like that, but i can't find anything in australia.

i know this has been asked before, but a lot of those topics are old and some of the products look kind of dodgy.

help, anyone?

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I live in Australia, and I use Neostrata Ultra Smoothing Cream. It's 10% AHA, and it costs around $45-$55 for a tub. Chemists stock it, and Priceline doesn't (since a lot of other brands seem to be available through them). My local didn't have it, but they ordered it in for me. The benefit of doing that is that you're also ensuring that you get a fresher batch than what would otherwise be sold to you through another chemist.

The price might seem a lot if you're used to buying lower-end stuff, but trust me, this is the best value for money.

If you don't like Neostrata, I'd suggest something from the MD Formulations range (available through beauty salons, but more expensive).

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Guest Tenshi

www.alpha-h.com (au)?

or i mostly recommend www.paulaschoice.com.au..they have a AHA product.

u can check reviews on www.makeupalley.com

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Guest President Slut

or i mostly recommend www.paulaschoice.com.au..they have a AHA product.

yep, thats the one i used to order,

its about 35 bucks if your a member, and it lasted me about 8 weeks for my entire chest, shoulders and upper back.

good stuff, doesn't smell as strong as some of that other crap,

also check out the strongest BHA lotion they have, equally good.

P.S: AHA's dont do nothin for red marks, only helps with proper pigmentation

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