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Swimming, Sweating, and Sunscreen

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I've got a couple of questions:

I have PE in school at 9:30 in the morning and will be applying BP at 6:00 am. Is this enough time so I won't get the milky sweat on my face? Also, do I need to wash my face with face wash after PE (or when I sweat in general), or do I just need to wash with water (do I even touch my face and wash it?)?

I live near the beach and plan on swimming almost everyday. I will be putting on a water proof non-comedogenic sunscreen and swimming. Do I need to wash my face after I go to the beach or do I just use water (do I use soap on my face?)

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*bumped because I'm wondering the same thing*

A friend wants me to spend a week on vacation this summer with him and some other friends -- unfortunately, there will be a lot of swimming and outdoors stuff involved...

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Heres some quotes from Dan's FAQ

Q: I exercise during the day and sweat. Should I wash afterward? And what's up with the white residue on my face when I exercise?

A: Sweat glands and sebaceous glands (where acne is formed) are totally separate parts of your skin which do not touch. Sweating should theoretically not affect acne since acne is formed deep down in the sebaceous follicle, and sweat will not enter this area. Sweating does not warrant a third washing. If you want to wash after a workout, try to plan your workout before your morning or evening routine.

You may notice that if you sweat within a few hours after application of BP and moisturizer that your face can turn milky white in the places where you did the regimen. This is normal, but annoying. Feel free to lightly dab your face with a towel to get rid of the residue. Using a gel based benzoyl peroxide helps a lot with this problem, but does not completely eliminate it. Waiting for several hours after application of benzoyl peroxide prior to exercise is your best bet to rid yourself of this issue altogether.

Q: I am going to be swimming during the day. Should I do a third wash/BP/moisturizer application afterward?

A: I don't know because I am not a swimmer. The consensus on the message boards seems to be that swimming does not adversely affect acne and a third routine is not warranted. A visitor to this site wrote me and asked that I also add that your skin may become very dry after a swim, so although you may not need to apply bp again, be sure to bring a moisturizer along.


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its just me but sweeting is good for you but if you sweet you should definitly splash some luke warm water on your face after yo uwork out or breaka decent swet jsut to get it off, and if you put on suncreen, i'd advise just barely washing it with some saop (the ones recomended) but only for a couple seconds to loosen up all the sunscreen and enough to rinse it all off.but if you use bp and moisterizer in between all this you probly gotta find another way to not have it all on and to was as much or it just wont work for you.you gotta have it on throughout teh day and night if yo uwant clear skin...unless you you already do, which would be odd sence your a member of this but whatever lol ta ta my fishy friend

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Duchess gave some good answers, but I'd just like to add ...

I agree that you don't need to wash your face after gym. If you can, make sure you have a hand towel around so that you can just pat dry ...I find that if I let the sweat dry on my face after using topicals, it tends to sting. I wouldn't worry too much about the white film from sweating ...3 1/2 hours should be plenty of time for the BP to fully absorbed. If you are still nervous about it, though, you should think about investing the CSR gel.

As far as swimming, washing with soap is optional, but in my opinion moisturizing is NOT. You MUST reapply moisturizer after swimming in the ocean or a pool, because both salt and chlorine dry out your skin TREMENDOUSLY.

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