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Hi everyone! I just joined this site after discovering it last night. I would like to briefly explain my history/past with acne.

I am now nearing the end of my Senior year in High School. As a young teenager, I got the occassional pimple but nothing more. However, the summer before my Sophomore year is when I broke out really bad like I never had. I recall suddenly breaking out in numerous small, red spots (pimples without pus) on my face while I was on vacation down the shore. By the time school started, however, they had pretty much cleared up and again, I just got the occassional few pimples now and then. I'm pretty sure my Junior year wasn't bad either. However, this past summer was when I began to really break out, and this time the pimples stayed. I had a couple on my chin, the typical cyst on my forehead, and sometimes three semi-cysts per cheek, which were painful and took more than a week to disappear, leaving terrible scars.

After buying practically everything out there to cure my skin, my Mom suggested ProActiv. That was about three or four months ago, and we had actually gone to my Doctor to see what she would suggest. At that point most of my pimples were disappearing, but I had very visible red scars on my cheeks and chin. She said to give it time, and since I had/have pretty mild acne, I should try ProActiv.

I have now been using ProActiv for two months and am extremely pleased with the results! I no longer get cysts, and the scars I had have either disappeared or become extremely small. Of course, they still do exist and I still get a pus-pimple on my chin or a red lesion on my forehead (one I have now, grr!).

I still wear face makeup (concealer and powder) because I do not quite have the confidence to leave the house without it. Mind you, I have very fair skin which makes the scars more visible. When my face gets slightly pink, however, the scars seem to blend in with the color, so that isn't so bad, lol.

I have heard that some peoples' skin has grown used to ProActiv and it became ineffective, so once my skin clears up to perfection - ha, if that happens - I will probably switch to a milder cleanser before going back to it.

I have my bad days and good days...sometimes I will think I look good and others I wanna crawl into a dark hole. I always hate lighting, ESPECIALLY my car mirrors, ewwww.

Anyway, thank you so much for reading this, and remember, you guys are all beautiful =)

-Erin <3

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Guest tvirus_outbreak

I have fair skin as well. I do get the occasional cyst and they always seem to pop up on my chin. I have three raised scars on my chin from cysts, but after getting sunburnt and having the skin on my chin peel of the scars seemed to have reduced. Proactiv is good, but it makes me way too vulnerable to sunburn. I have a lot of scars as well but I think most of them are just marks and I hope that they will fade soon. Good luck to you :)

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hey erin... i dont know if our acne is similar at all, but it sounds like yours is a lot more mild than mine (you can look at my pics in the link in my signature). but i def understand what you say about how u feel, etc. hang in there and good luck!


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