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I'm getting SmoothBeam...PLEASE RESPOND:(

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Hey everyone,

I'm getting my first SmoothBeam treatment Saturday. Before I came here, everything suggested that my skin would be almost flawless after my SB treatment. However, after visiting these boards, I am extremely worried about the procedure and it's results. I have read that it is ineffective. I was so excited that my skin would finally be "good" again, but now I'm terrified that I'm throwing tremendous amounts of money away . I've been depressed for the past few months.

Judging from my picture, can someone tell/show me what my skin will look like after all of my (2-6?) treatments are finished. And how many treatments you think I will need?

Heres my picture:( :

IPB Image

If I do a combination of VBeam and SmoothBeam, will that make a major difference in the results rather than only using SmoothBeam?

Off topic: I used Tea Tree Oil soap in January and my face looked nearly flawless (despite my scars and few, tiny pimples) in a week or two. I stopped using it for a couple months because I could not find the right brand. Now that I've found the correct brand, the soap has stopped working? I don't understand this...Am I washing my face too often? I wash it in the morning at 6am, 3pm(when I get home from school), and 9pm(before bed.) Before, I think I would only wash my face twice a day; now that I've realized it...could this be the problem? Should I wash my face less?

Please Reply ...this means so much to me.


I have around 10 small ice pick scars on my forhead and between my eye brows...According to the procedure's description, it will stimilate collagen production and my ice pick scars will diminish. Is this even remotely true?

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Firstly, your skin isnt too bad, so thats a plus :) Have you tried Dans regimen or are you going straight to the laser. Apparently sometimes it isnt effective though in many cases it is. Of course the people on here are probably gonna bitch about it, thats why they're here!! Because they still have troubles. The people it worked on would have no reason to come to a site like this unless to recommend it and they just dont think about it. My idea would be to try the Benzoyl Peroxide gel and use the regimen before spending a lot of money on the laser treatment, as you only have mild-med acne and it would probably help you. (a lot cheaper too).

Everyones skin is totally different so there's really no way of telling what the results would be like

And.. twice a day is really enough, more than twice is overcleaning and it'll dry your skin out

Try AHA or aloe vera gel, they will help get rid of your scars

Hope that helps a little bit :)

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As someone who's had smoothbeam treatment, I had moderate to severe acne, I'd strongly discourage you from wasting your money. I'd suggest using differin.. I noticed improvement within a few days.. if the tea tree soap is working for you, I would suggest you do that instead.

Smoothbeam *might* workj for you.. but for me it merely spread the acne to other parts of my body and basically imho made it worse. If you are able to get in under control with topical methods I strongly encourage you to continue to use them and to consider differin, it's imho worth every penny, and it's covered by more insurances until age 21 to 25...

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