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My new Regime w\ Finacea

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Alright so the past few months Ive been on a Cetaphil, Differin regime in the morning with a Cetaphil, PLexion SCT mask at night, 75mg Mino once a day.

Ive been on it for around 3 months now and the first 2 months were horrid with several terrible breakouts. Now Im alot clearer with red marks fading but I was recently put down from 100mg of mino to 75mg of mino once a day. My chest broke out horrid and my face has a couple marks here and there.

I just went to the derm and she changed my regime to this

Cleanse with cetaphil

Finacea in the Morning, it has azelacic acid. Anyone have any experience with this

Nuetrogena Healthy Skin Moisturizer

75mg mino mid day

at night

Cleanse with Cetaphil

Plexion SCT mask

wait 20 mins


Anyone have any suggestions?

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I used differin and finacea for a little over a month, but could not keep up with it due to the stinging and red blotches finacea would leave on my skin for about 30 min. I love differin though and would not give it up. I now use differin and clindagel, and my skin is great.

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Finacea worked wonders for me at first. Stung like hell, but I stuck with it and it worked. Eventually it stopped working though after 6 months.

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