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glycolic acid products (not peel) - my experience and some questions

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i have had some deep rolling and pitted scars for a few years and i started using Jan Marini Skin Research Bioglycolic products [wash, bioclear cream, bioglycolic + kojic acid lightening serum (for post-acne blemishes and some unevenly tanned areas), and "A" mask; costed me around $200 total from a skincare website]. after a couple days of redness and peeling (not that bad at all; covered with slight makeup), ive noticed that my skin has become noticeably smoother and pores are refined. after sloughing away the skin flakes on day 2 just by rubbing with my fingers (no scrubs), my scars look way better and have extremely shallowed out 50%. i feel like ive passed the irritation/flaky phase and now my skin just feels really tight and clean, with just a couple irritated places like the corners of my nose (which have always been easily irritated). i have tried microdermabrasion and mild peels at-home and scrubbing before, but none have compared to what ive seen in the last 2 weeks. i havent had really bad inflamed acne in awhile, but it also cleared up all of the little bumps and blackheads i have too and my skin has brightened. i dont know how other people will react to these products however bc theres a whole bunch of acids in these products lol, including retinoin.

i was just wondering if, with just topical treatments of mild glycolic acid like ive been using, is it only going to peel to a certain skin depth and stop, or will it keep going? i want to know if my improvements will flatline at some point or continue to improve.

does anyone have experience with this type of product? ive read elsewhere in the forum that glycolic peels have gone badly for many people and i dont think i would go as far as having a chemical peel.

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I've tried Glycolic 30% at home and it done well for me. Noticed my pores are much even now and smoothen my skin. Used it thrice within 2wks. Gonna get a higher percentage soon after my 1st bottle runs out.

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I've been using MD Forté 30% since november 2005, with some good results; my red marks have become less noticable, pores look smaller and more even skin tone. However so far I ve haven't seen much impovement on my scars (2 rolling scars)

I've recently had subcision, and my doctor told me that glycolic acid 30% will not improve scars...

It will help prevent you from breaking out, and it keeps the skin looking young as well


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