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I started the clear skin regimen exactly on 2 June 2005 and 6 months later i am finally clear

First of all let me tell ALL the people who are just starting this regime and going through problems such as itching, redness, lack of progress etc etc to just GIVE IT SOME TIME and i can safely ASSURE you that after the 2 month mark you will DEFINATELY see big NOTICIABLE improvements! i started off with lots of little irritating issues with moisturisers and cleansers etc etc and eventually settled on a list of products and routine that worked for me PERFECTLY

Morning AND Evening a good 10+ hours apart and NEVER EVER more than twice a day EVEN IF I'VE MISSED AN APPLICATION

CLEANSING- PEARS SOAP (after much trial and error i found the best cleaner was a mild non-com oil free soap- simple yet extremely effective NO SCRUBS!!!!)


APPLICATION- cause i live in the UK i find it conveniant to buy and use PanOxyl Aquagel 2.5 (i know dans is better but i still think this works perfectly FINE)


MOISTURISING- again went through alot of trial and error- my advice? no salicylic acid and oil free and you should be fine! ive used this for the last 3 months and it works BEAUTIFULLY-


Now i only occasionally get small pimples that arent noticeable at all and go very quickly indeed


its extremely irritating having to go through the whole routine of cleanse, apply, moisturise twice a day EVERY SINGLE DAY! it takes a good 45mins for me- i had to change around my WHOLE MORNING AND EVENING routine to accomodate and trust me its annoying

Remembering to stock up on supplies- dont get me wrong this regime IS NOT EXPENSIVE but i find myself having to remember to buy new panoxyl tubes every week and a half or so and when you forget to its annoying having to cut up your damn old tubes so that you can dig out even the tiniest smidgen of that precious bp gel

at first realising i couldnt touch my face pissed me off as it was something i used to do alot

not being able to wash your face during the day

getting pissed off when even a trickle of water runs down your lips mixing with the bp gel and making it run

your friends call you in the morning to tell ask you to join them in something exciting but you have to say NO because they wanna leave in 15mins but you need a good 1h 15min to have a shower and apply BP- MAN that one gets to me every time- its like AAARGGGGGGGGG!!"!"£!£"!"!£"!£"£!"!"!

BP GEL DOES NOT WORK ON CYSTS/NODULES (aka- those big red sore spots that arent really spots but sort of are but take really really really really long to go) I REPEAT- BP GEL DOES NOT WORK ON CYSTS/NODULES- i once had to purposefully miss a week of school cause i was too embarassed to go in with this massive nodule on my forehead and the BP DID NOTHING- it took around 1 month to even stop being noticeable!



Apply BP EVERYWHERE- not just where you have spots- you'll thank me for this one cause the worst thing that happens is when you have a massive spot somewhere where you dont normally get spots but you knew had you just applied BP there everything would have been fine

dont scrub your face with your towel when drying- JUST PAT YOUR face so its not dripping anymore- who CARES if its still wet- just wait for it to dry

this ones vital- BE PATIENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wait 15mins before PATTING face dry and applying BP, take a good 5mins or more to apply BP (go over ALL YOUR FACE!!!!), wait ANOTHER 15mins after bp application before applying moisturiser


never wash your face more than twice a day

Dont touch you face or pick your spots

seriously though i wanna say a huge thanks to DAN for making this website- dan if i knew how id give you a million rep points and might even ask if you'd let me buy you a beer one day- im finally clear and so please excuse my verbal diarrea- i just wanna get through to you guys that if i can get through it so can you- having clear skin gave me such a newfound wave of confidence that i feel my everyday life is better having done this and dont worry - I HAVENT AND WONT STOP JUST CAUSE IM CLEAR! keep up the good work you guys!

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Well done mate.

I've just purchased some Pears soap, it leaves my face squeeky clean without over drying, it has a nice clean smell too, though I hate the shape of the bar.

Good post, thanks for sharin

p.s the Pears soap costs about £0.50!!! what an incredible price, I really like it so far, though it's only been 3 days.

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I will definitely let you buy me a beer someday. Or maybe a Mai-Tai? I like those :)

I loved your post. Thanks so much for sharing your honest opinions. As far as the regimen being annoying, I agree that it can be a pain. But the discipline needed to do the regimen is worth it, at least for me. After years of using it I am still so damn pleased every day to know I can do something that will assure that I stay clear. My life before I stumbled upon the regimen was filled with anxiety. Now I live fully.

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