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None of the cures worked for me

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The type of acne I have is small red pimples that resemble scars and small whiteheads on my chest that I can't pop. Small hairs grow on them. I have them mostly on my chest, stomach and shoulders (face is clear).

Its quite frustrating that none of the cures like vinegar, salt, bp, sa are working cause i think the acne has virtually become my skin. and accutane is out of the question for me cause i think its not caused internally

Also, whats strange about my acne is that after I come out from the swimming pool, it seems to dissappear temporarily but comes back after the water dries.

Please help

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You should really see a dermatologist, it doesn't really sound like acne. As you said none of the remedies you've tried worked so... maybe an appointment with a doc will do you some good. :shifty:

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Guest President Slut

do you shave the area?

it be somekind of folliculitis

or is more like a rash? then it could be excema/dermatitis

have a doc check it out, they will tell you what it is.

for folliculitis its usually somekind of SA product to be applied day and night along with possibly antibiotics. For excema/dermatitis is usally hydrocortisone cream though let the doc make the deciision

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