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If you do a peel and do at home microdermabrasion.

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I have a skin condition called Seborrheic Dermatitis, combined with acne (mild now) and scarring I'm desperately trying to remedy.. but will settle for a reduction in redness.

I use an at home microdermabrasion (Epidermx) to exfoliate which is so needed when you have seborrhea, which causes dead skin and flaking on your face all the time.

I want to add in a lactic acid peel.. probably a weak one at first (30%) since it will be my first time using one.

I know these won't have too much effect on scarring, but can on skin tone and redness..

I like to do the Epidermx 2-3 times a week...

When should I rotate in a peel?

The 30% lactic peel says you can do it once a week.

Should I rotate a week of doing a peel. Then the next week 2 microdermabrasion (Epidermx). Then the next week 1 peel?

What are your thoughts?

I'm just confused as to how I incorporate both of them together to improve the appearance of my skin tone and facial redness and flaky skin.

Experts out there, help?! I know that these won't do much for scarring (so please don't just say that).

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Just to get to the point, I'm just wondering how long you should wait after you do microdermabrasion (Epidermx) before doing a lactic acid (30%) peel and vice versa?

You guys are the best... I thank each and every one of you that responds to this thread or takes the time to read it.

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I don't know exactly how your microderm works but I used to do mine once a week on average. I assume you could do any of them (micro, peel, micro) with 5-7 days inbetween? I think you know your skin best so just do the peel and see how your skin feels after 5-7 day. If it's too sensitive wait some more.

How often is the peel done?

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