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Skye x

scar wars

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I had pimples and they basically went away. But, because I was stupid enough to pick at them I have two scars on my forhead. I am cheerleading captain at school and feel really self concious because my scars show without wearing foundation and I cant wear makeup in cheerleading because its a sport and you sweat it off way to easily. Is there anyway to rid of it?

thanks =)

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Guest tvirus_outbreak

It depends on how big your scars/marks are. Usually picking at pimples will result in marks that will fade after about 3 - 12 months. I have about 6 marks on my face! I wouldn't be too concerned about it. Certain moisturisers and creams can reduce the appearance of scars. I use Manuka Honey Lotion, it seems to reduce them. Retin-A is supposed to reduce them because it causes your skin to peel.

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If you're just talking about reddened or darkened marks as sequelae of acne rather than a depressed scar, and it seems you are as you say makeup covers them, then time alone will take care of those marks.

If you want to hurry it along a bit, try a gentle moisturizer like Lac Hydrin 5. It moisturizes plus has a low percentage of lactic acid in it, so it also exfoliates the skin gently. Gentle exfoliation will help with getting rid of pigmented marks more quickly.

If you really want lovely skin all over, try Alpha Hydroxy Souffle. It has 12% or so glycolic acid and will help with the overall tone and texture of your skin.

If you do use either of the two products above, you really should invest in a sunscreen as both products cause thinning of the outer layer of skin, thus increasing risk of damage from the sun.

You should use sunscreen anyway as not using it will prolong the life of the redmarks. They'll tan and take longer to go away.

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