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Transition from Neutrogena to Eucerin

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Hey guys,

I've been on the regimen for about 3 months now and my skin is a lot clearer but like many, those red marks still remain. I recently ordered some bottles of Eucerin, but have been putting off using them. I'm currently using Neutrogena Healthy Skin Lotion w/ SPF 15, and I like it b/c it seems to fade red marks faster but I hate that it still flakes and leaves my face really oily.

How would I transition from Neutrogena to Eucerin? Would changing cause me to break out? And could I still use the Neutrogena as a spot treatment? Any suggestions?



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I don't think it should make you break out, well I haven't heard of it making anyone do so. Also I would imagine you could spot treat with the neutrogena, but wouldn't it make more sense to spot treat with BP rather than a moisturiser? :)

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Well I use the bp gel on my whole face. But doesn't the Neutrogena help to fade the red marks? That's really the only reason I like to use it.

So would switching to Eucerin now break me out? And could I continue to use Neutrogena on those little red mark problem areas or just give it up completely? Any advice would help. thanks! :)

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I think the eucerin will be just as effective at helping the red marks as the neutrogena as they both contain an AHA. And if you want to spot treat red marks (soz i thought you meant pimples before) then I don't see why you couldn't use the neutrogena, just try not to over do it with the AHA's otherwise you may end up a bit red!

To speed up the process of fading the marks you could also consider glycolic acid peels?

And as I said I dno't think I've heard of anyone else complaining of breakouts when theyv'e switched to the eucerin. :)

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