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it could work if you have dry skin or if you wear no makeup i guess. i asked labgirl cause i was using it and this is what she told me.

I don't think Cetaphil is a horrible cleanser. It's the gold standard of cleansers that dermatologists reccomend. It's great for people on Accutane and drying topicals (like Dan's regimen), but it isn't great for excessively oily skin or people who want to remove makeup (even mineral makeup). The cleaner itself isn't comedogenic, it's our own sebum and skin cells that clog up our pores. But what I didn't like about the Cetaphil was the fact that it's so incredibly mild. So mild that it can't remove the amount of sebum that accumulates on my face during the day, and forget about it removing makeup.......

I found that switching to a slightly stronger cleanser helped a bit with the little bumps, but then you run the risk of getting even more flakey.....it's sort of a trade off.....smooth but flakey skin, or not so flakey skin covered in little whiteheads......

You could still use Cetaphil with the regimen. I'd get a slightly stronger Cleanser like Cetaphil Normal/Oily Cleanser (simple, cheap, no frills, works well, gentle), or Aveeno Ultra Calming Cleanser (I use this one...on retin-a micro and duac gel....a bit more pricey....but has better detergency than the Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser)....I've also heard good things about the Purpose Gentle Clensing Wash....

I'd stick more to gel based cleansers over creamy clenseres, if you have oily skin....

What you should do is use the stronger cleanser at night to remove makeup and the day's worth of sebum.....then in the morning...if you don't wake up super oily

Use the Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser.....

The AHA's should help a little, but rememer the regimen is basically for the inflammatory stuff, ad it won't do much for the little bumps (whiteheads). That's why Dan loves the Eucerin Daily Skin Renewal, the lactic acid helps remove a layer of desquamating skin cells.....sopores aren't as easily blocked from the surface of the skin.......

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I would say it'd be less effective if you wore make up or if you have really oily skin.

It works for me because I have really sensitive skin and I'm a guy. I also find my face "cleansed" after I use it and I know that it's doing it while being gentle.

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Yes, I use the Oily/Combination Cetaphil Cleanser.

I bought it on Mistake! But I actually think that if I go to the Gentle Cleanser, than it won't be enough for me. So far, this cleanser has done wonders! I can feel it clean well, but doesn't overdry or irritate.

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I actually use Cetaphil gentle cleanser in the mornings, but basis bar cleanser for sensitive skin at night. i find that cetaphil is not strong enough to remove the makeup i wear occasionally during the day...even when i dont wear makeup i feel like cetaphil is not strong enough for my oily face after a long day.

when i find my skin getting tight, flaky or sensitive i use cetaphil even at night. its a nice simple cleanser. wont solve all problems but is great to keep handy for those days when your skin is feeling over-medicated.

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